The Sheraton Boston Hotel’s Case for Water and Energy Savings.

By purchasing the foodservice industry’s most water- and energy-efficient dishwashers, the Sheraton Boston Hotel received an energy conservation program rebate check for $97,000 from KeySpan Energy.

The Sheraton Boston purchased three Hobart FT-900 Flight-type Warewashers that came equipped with Hobart’s exclusive Opti-Rinse™ system. When compared with the previous rinse system, the Hobart FT-900 Warewashers deliver documented savings of up to 48 percent less final rinse water and comparable savings in energy used to heat the water.

The industry’s existing conventional rinse nozzles produce an inefficient fan spray pattern that tends to be heavier on the outside edges and more atomized (producing smaller droplets) in the center of the fan-like shape.

By contrast, Hobart’s Opti-Rinse system nozzles rely on low and high pressures that cause the water stream to oscillate back and forth in an S-pattern as it escapes the nozzle

The key to this new system is the larger drops that are created and the drastic improvement in heat transfer they provide,” said Phil Ratermann, general manager of Hobart’s Warewash business unit. “The result is more uniform coverage and a more forceful stream of water moving in a rapid back-and-forth motion at 30 times per second.”

KeySpan Energy Program Engineer Katie O’Rourke said KeySpan awards energy conservation rebates of up to $100,000 for commercial customers.

“One of these programs is for new, underused technologies. This Hobart Opti-Rinse system uses half the hot water,” said O’Rourke. “We monitored the Sheraton’s old dishwashing units with water-flow meters for about a month before the new equipment went in. Because we left the flow meters on the new equipment when it was installed, we’ll be able to calculate the savings for the Sheraton Boston."

We were looking to do anything we could to reduce and offset the costs

Director of Engineering for the Sheraton Boston, Anthony DiNatale, said the savings in water and energy used to heat the water are vital to the hotel’s operations, especially after electricity and gas rates rose 26 percent in 2005. “We were looking to do anything we could to reduce and offset the costs,” he said.

“We actually installed some meters on the new Hobart dishwashers to compare the two systems, and the water savings were unbelievable,” added DiNatale.” Using less water also results in lower sanitary sewer charges as well as gas heat savings.

Hobart Equipment Nets Boston Sheraton Big Reward
DiNatale explained that the new dish machines, which each handles up to 19,000 pieces of dishware per hour, feature extremely efficient nozzle technology and gas heaters that no longer have to constantly heat the water as they did in the former dish machines. He added that another important factor in choosing Hobart over a competing manufacturer is the long life and durability of Hobart equipment and the ease

of use. “The FT900 is very user friendly. The ease in taking the wash and rinse arms out, and the basket strainers for cleaning is important to the staff. It’s very simple to use,” said DiNatale. The Sheraton Boston Hotel also purchased a Hobart UW50 Utensil Washer and a TurboWash II three-compartment sink.

About KeySpan Energy
A member of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, KeySpan Corporation (NYSE:KSE) is the fifth largest distributor of natural gas in the United States and the largest in the Northeast, operating regulated gas utilities in New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire that serve 2.6 million customers. These customer-focused businesses are complemented by a portfolio of service companies that offer energy-related products, services and solutions to homes and businesses. KeySpan is also the largest electric generator in New York State, with approximately 6,600 megawatts of generating capacity that provides power to 1.1 million customers of the Long Island

The water savings were unbelievable

Power Authority (LIPA) on Long Island and supplies approximately 25 percent of New York City’s capacity needs. KeySpan also operates LIPA’s transmission and distribution system under contract to LIPA. In addition to these assets, KeySpan has strategic investments in pipeline transportation, distribution, storage and production. KeySpan has headquarters in Brooklyn, New England and Long Island. For more information, visit KeySpan’s Web site at www.keyspanenergy.com.

About Hobart
Hobart is the world leader in commercial food equipment and service for the foodservice and food retail industries. Hobart manufactures products for warewashing and waste handling; food preparation; baking; cooking; weighing, wrapping and labeling systems; and Traulsen refrigeration. Hobart equipment is supported by a national network of nearly 1,700 factory-trained service technicians and 200 locations across the United States. To learn more about Hobart, visit www.hobartcorp.com.

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