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 | Baxter Rotating Rack Oven

Baxter Updates Single and Double Rotating Rack Ovens
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Baxter’s rotating rack ovens are ideal for baking, roasting or reheating a variety of food. Made without sacrificing performance, they have recently been updated to include a curved door and hood to enhance the aesthetics and provide the perfect backdrop to theater baking. The ovens also include a new dual-point latch and unique handle design that allow for easier operation and excellent steam and heat retention. They are designed to be versatile and flexible enough to prepare a wide range of foods. Additionally, the hood of Baxter’s rotating rack ovens are UL710 Listed, simplifying approval and inspection processes.

Unique Airflow System
The unique airflow system of the ovens ensures heat is evenly dispersed from the top to the bottom of the bake chamber. A ceiling-mounted fan continuously pulls air up the length of the heat exchanger and forces heated air across the unit and down the other side of the oven. The airflow combines with Baxter’s self-contained spherical cast steam system to provide even heat and moisture dispersion, in turn yielding a perfectly even bake.

Easy Operation
The rotating rack ovens have a heavy-duty lifting and rotating device that is built to handle heavy loads. To make loading and unloading easier, the rack carrier automatically stops in the load/unload position when the door is opened, and the rack lift rotates automatically when the door is closed and the "Start" button is pressed. Additionally, the ovens have programmable digital controls that are able to hold up to 99 recipes, to ensure consistent results each time. The control also offers the flexibility to use up to four bake stages in each recipe. Other useful features include a cool-down mode and temperature set back and idle mode. To assist in opening and closing the door, the ovens have a unique dual-point latch mechanism that can easily be closed by simply pushing the door, eliminating the need to turn the handle. The dual-point latch also keeps the airflow tightly enclosed, sealing the steam within the cavity. Adding extra convenience, the door is reversible, allowing the customer to decide which way the door should open, depending on the layout of the kitchen.

Baxter’s single and double rotating rack ovens are built to reduce the amount of energy used in cooking and baking. Each oven includes an energy-saving idle mode, which starts only after the factory-designated time of 90 minutes and reduces the oven to a holding temperature of 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The length of time and holding temperature can be reprogrammed at the time of installation. Moreover, the oven’s steam system acts as a heat reservoir to prevent heat loss when doors are opened and to ensure faster heat recovery. Finally, the triple-pane door with air gap and Low-E glass used for viewing also improves heat retention, resulting in lower energy costs and a reduced amount of heat emitted into a bakery.

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