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There’s a food fight happening at America’s colleges and universities. National restaurant chains are vying with classic residential programs for students’ meal money. The sustainability movement has many colleges and universities offering a more sustainable menu, with locally grown food.


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"Grab-and-go" meals: Healthy for customers. Healthy for profits.

You’ve got competition. Today, students have plenty of dining options to choose from, both on and off campus. And since everyone on campus is in a hurry, how can you compete, maintain the pace and keep everyone healthier and happier?

With food, glorious food.

Bakery items fresh from the oven. Salad bars. Wraps. Deli sandwiches. Healthier, tastier food that attracts students and faculty looking for quick, tasty, on-the-go options. Fresh produce, often locally grown or organic, that your health-conscious customers are looking for.

The Traulsen Undercounter Quick Chiller  is a powerful tool in preparing for peak demand times. The key to a successful grab-and-go operationquickchillerbeauty is keeping the cases stocked with in-demand items. Using the quick chiller, you can prepare foods ahead of time and chill them for later rethermalization in the Baxter Hybrid or other oven. The quick chiller is designed to pull down the temperature of food to safe storage temperature well within FDA-required time limits.

Since this food has to be fresh and it has to be fast, Hobart keeps pace with slicers, food processors and mixers for both cook-to-order stands and centralized support and production kitchens. Our 3000 Series Slicer , smartly redesigned from the bottom up, generates more slices per minute with better consistency and increased yields. The same smart-design thinking is behind our innovations in our Hobart Legacy® Mixers—swing-out bowls in a full range of sizes, Shift-on-the-Fly™ and the steady, fixed agitator speeds that ensure the mix consistency so essential to your kitchen.


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Putting on a show.


Marketplace-Style Counters and Display Cooking.
It’s big on campuses across the country. Right up front, chefs prepare on-the-spot delicacies, ethnic specialties and hot breakfasts. Right at the counter, marketplace displays show off the fresh, delicious food.

Higher Exhibition 1It’s show time. Presenting the multi-talented, multi-tasking Hobart Combi® Oven. Able to cook 100 recipes just by pressing Start, the combi uses three modes—convection, steam or a combination of both—to let you bake, grill, roast, steam, proof, rethermalizate, low-temp cook, blanch and finish, “Healthy-Fry” and use high-yield, low-shrinkage Delta-T cooking.

hybridovenWEBWith its hearth-shaped front window, the Baxter Hybrid Convection Oven  is an attractive addition to any exhibition cooking operation. With it, you can produce succulent products with the versatility of convection and steam capabilities. Plus, its small footprint enables you to place one on a counter or stack two on a modular rack.

The Traulsen Quick Chiller  gives you the freedom to prepare food ahead of time without sacrificing a ton of space for refrigeration. It quickly pulls down temperature past the Danger Zone (41°F to 135°F), where food can spoil, and its undercounter design saves counter space for exhibition cooking. By using the quick chiller, you can prepare foods ahead of demand, so the show never has to stop.

Hobart rotisseries  prepare perfect, brown and succulent chickens and other products. On the Hobart electric counter grill, you can simultaneously cook 12 different items.

But countertop cooking and counter-front displays take up space. That’s why Traulsen undercounter refrigerators and freezers and prep tables are designed to give you top performance while staying out of your way.



Sustainable design is another way to say "delicious."

You have a lot of people on campus to keep fed and cheerful. You have hundreds, or thousands, of harried, hurried and hungry students, faculty, staff and visitors to feed. But now you have a lot of ways to keep them delighted and coming back for more.

Higher Sustainability 1You’re building, revamping and enhancing your production kitchens, front-of-the-house kitchens, “grab-and-go” counters, sit-down restaurants, food courts, dorms, catering and banqueting facilities. But as you do, you also face a growing demand for more sustainable, environmentally sensitive and efficient facilities and equipment.

So how do you keep everyone happy, smiling and satisfied? By serving up fresh, healthy and delicious meals for all—with the support of sustainably designed, cost-saving foodservice equipment from Hobart and Traulsen.

Which comes first? The saving or the sustainability?
Sustainability calls for curtailing the consumption of natural resources, such as water and energy. That means lower utility bills. Reducing waste is central to every sustainable program. The less waste, the more you save on hauling, liners and labor and landfill volume. Sustainability and cost saving are clearly inseparable, which is why Hobart and Traulsen have hundreds of products that can help you achieve both.


Advansys Ventless Door TypeThe Advansys™ Ventless Door-Type warewasher  is Hobart’s latest innovation in sustainable design. It’s ENERGY STAR® rated to save energy and water, using only .74 gallons per load. The Advansys-exclusive Energy Recovery feature captures water vapor and condenses it to heat the incoming cold-water inlet for the final rinse cycle, saving $792 per year in energy costs. Plus, the ventless design eliminates $3,500 in HVAC installation and $776 in operation costs, so it can save you up to $5,068 in the first year and up to $1,568* per year after that.

Tapping into Hobart water saving.
Higher Sustainability 2 It can reduce your rinse water (and energy) consumption by more than 50%, compared to models without it. It’s Hobart’s exclusive Opti-Rinse™ technology, and it’s in every Hobart FT900 flight-type  and CLe conveyor-type warewasher. Adding to the water saving of both warewashers is a cascading water system that replenishes each tank with water from the adjacent tank.

The total saving? On the FT900, between $7,685 and $15,000 a year; on the CLe, up to $9,192.

More than 200 ways to save your energy.
Hobart and Traulsen have more than 300 ENERGY STAR® rated products, including refrigerators, freezers, hot-food holding cabinets, steamers, fryers and warewashers, that can help you reduce your energy bills as much as 45%.

Higher Sustainability 3 The fruits—and vegetables—of reducing waste. The Hobart Waste-Pro™ Pulper  can reduce the volume of your foodservice waste—including food, paper, plastic and Styrofoam—as much as 88%, saving you as much as $17,000 a year in hauling, liner and labor costs, while reducing landfill volume. To fully harvest the WastePro’s benefits, you can compost its semi-dry pulp, turning it into an all-natural fertilizer for farming.

*Based on 200 cycles/day, 360 days/year at an energy cost of $.011 per cycle.

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Education Sessions

October 30, 2008: How to Build a Sustainable Campus Dining Facility & Apply LEED Standards.

In this Webinar, Keith Martin, Director of Dining Services at Dickinson College, shared sustainable practices Dickinson College has implemented such as its Farm-to-Fork program to create a more sustainable campus, Keith was followed by Richard Young, Director of Education at Food Service Technology Center (FSTC), who provided tips and equipment recommendations for energy efficiency, water conservation and waste management. And Kevin Woods, LEED-AP at Hobart, highlighted ENERGY STAR® qualified products and presented college and university case studies. He also shared information on how foodservice equipment can contribute toward LEED points and building certification. Click here to view the archived Webinar.


Special Events/Trade Shows

Show Date Location
NACUFS National Conference
July 15-18, 2012 Boston, MA
Greenbuild Expo 2012
November 14-16, 2012 San Francisco, CA

Industry Links

APPA (Associations of Higher Ed Facilities Officers)

FCSI (Foodservice Consultant Society International)

SCUP (Society for College and University Planning)

USGBC (U. S. Green Building Council)

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HL200 Mixer

HL200 Mixer

  • Mixes with consistent power for consistent product.
  • Features Shift-on-the-Fly™ technology.
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CE10FD Combi

CE10FD Combi

  • Endless cooking possibilities in one oven.
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  • Rotating rack turns pans so operators don't have to.
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  • New! EZ-Open Foot Pedal, EZ-Change Interiors and EZ-Clean Gasket
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  • Sustainable Energy Recovery technology.
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  • Speeds through cutting, mixing, blending, kneading and even cleaning.
  • A 90-degree bowl tilt enables you to handle the heaviest loads.
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  • 5-minute timer conveniently located on top.
  • Easy-load polyethylene spin basket with hand grips.
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  • Faster prep time and consistent results using simple controls.
  • Angled front for ease of operation.
  • Interlock switch for operator safety.
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