Convenience Stores

A day in the life of a convenience store. Daypart by daypart.

Today’s convenience store is more than a convenience. It’s a necessity. Without you, America couldn’t get to work in the morning. You’re by far the most popular destination for gas, with four out of five Americans filling their tanks at a convenience store. Of course, they don’t need gas every morning. That’s why nearly every convenience store in the country brews coffee.


Here are some simple ways to expand your foodservice operations. And profits.

Foodservice sales at convenience stores are steadily increasing and so is the competition. QSRs are going after your customers. They have brand names, fast service and competitive pricing. Perhaps most of all, they have variety. A doughnut or a toasted bagel just won’t cut it anymore. You have to offer a menu of items. And we can help.

The shopper stoppers.
Traulsen’s glass-front, reach-in refrigerators need only a fraction of the three to four minutes customers typically spend in your store to grab their attention. Offering a choice of open or sliding-door models, Traulsen’s glass-front, reach-in refrigerators have microprocessor temperature controls to keep your selections fresh, safe and looking good.

The undercounter revolution.
When space is at a premium, as it is in every convenience store, Traulsen’s full-size and compact undercounter refrigerators and freezers have precise microprocessor temperature controls to keep your food fresh and safe in a very convenient place: under your counter.

VPS for VIP customer service.

Now you can prepare and serve fresh and delicious tacos, pizzas and sandwiches right before your customers’ eyes. Using a patented air system that surrounds the product pans with cold air on the top, bottom and all sides without drying out the ingredients, Traulsen’s exclusive Venturi Plenum System (VPS) prep tables keep ingredients fresh within NSF Standard 7 guidelines.

Push-button cooking.
How would you like to reduce the biggest expense in convenience stores, your labor cost, at the push of a button? The Hobart Combi® Oven merely requires that the operator select the item from the 100 recipes you can program into it and press the Start button. The Combi does the rest, using a combination of convection, steam or a combination of both to cook your product to perfection. Our Hobart Combi Barcode Scanner makes it even easier to cook with the Combi. The operator merely scans the barcode recipe—and presses the Start button.

Just in time for breakfast: the convenience-store bakery.
Now you can offer your customers everything from doughnuts to muffins, fresh out of the oven. Whether you’re baking it fresh or rethermalizing, the space-saving Baxter Mini-Rotating Rack Oven does everything faster than a full-size oven does. The operator can execute at the touch of a finger by choosing from your programmed 99 recipes.

Sparklingly clean and even sanitized.
Every foodservice operation knows the critical importance of cleanliness. With Hobart, you have the warewashers that more foodservice operations rely on than any other. The Hobart TurboWash II uses continuous high-power jets of turbulent, heated water to break down baked-on food soil on pans, display trays and other cooking ware.

An even more complete and easy solution is the Hobart AM Select door-type warewasher. This ENERGY STAR® rated and NSF-Certified warewasher cleans and sanitizes pots, pans, utensils and display baskets in just minutes.

Grabbing your share of the market.

Your customers’ clock is always ticking. Customers simply expect to be able to find something in your store that they can just grab and eat on the road. Now you can exceed their expectations—and increase your profits—by always having on hand safe, fresh and delicious meals—from salads to fruits, wraps to sandwiches, and more.

Fresh and safe, and close at hand.
The cornerstone of every food-safety program is the refrigerator. With their precise microprocessor-controlled temperatures and balanced refrigeration systems, you can be sure Traulsen’s reach-in refrigerators will keep your food fresh between 34˚F to 38˚F.

You can keep your food fresh and safe right under your counter with Traulsen’s full-size and compact undercounter freezers and refrigerators, featuring the identical, precise microprocessor-controlled temperature as the reach-in units. Easy to operate, they have self-closing doors and a stay-open feature for user convenience.

You can store your prepared foods with equal precision and confidence, too. Traulsen hot-food holding cabinets have the same microprocessor controls as our refrigerators for precise temperature maintenance. Only in this case, the temperature is 135ºF to 180ºF (determined by the operator). Holding hot food above the Danger Zone—135˚F to 41˚F —significantly reduces the chance for bacteria growth and lowers the risk of an outbreak of food-borne illness.

The other part of the profit equation: reducing costs.

Foodservice is clearly one area where you can increase both your revenues and profit, but it’s also a way you can reduce your operating costs, increasing your profit margins.

Reducing energy costs as much as 45%.
Hobart and Traulsen have more than 300 ENERGY STAR® rated pieces of food equipment that can help you create a sustainable kitchen. Sustainable kitchens are well named. They’re easier to sustain because they have a lower cost of operation.

Traulsen’s ENERGY STAR rated refrigerators, for example, can save you as much as $140 per unit annually in electricity bills. Each Traulsen ENERGY STAR rated freezer can save you another $100 a year.

Other ENERGY STAR rated products that can save you money are Hobart’s warewashers, including the LXi undercounter, the AM Select door-type and the CLe conveyor-type. All of these warewashers will not only save you energy, reducing your energy costs as much as 25%, but they’ll also save you at least 25% in water consumption.

Cooking with juice, only less of it.
When the Hobart Combi® Oven reaches your set temperature, it automatically reduces to half-power—without affecting cooking times or temperatures—saving you energy. The combi’s economical steam generator uses minimum quantities of water for maximum results. Its super-insulation properties ensure that heat is directed where it’s needed—inside the oven, saving you energy and money.

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HL200 Mixer

HL200 Mixer

  • Mixes with consistent power for consistent product.
  • Features Shift-on-the-Fly™ technology.
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CE10FD Combi

CE10FD Combi

  • Endless cooking possibilities in one oven.
  • Optional barcode scanner so operators can simply scan bar codes for cook settings.
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  • Rotating rack turns pans so operators don't have to.
  • Patented steam system.
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  • New! EZ-Open Foot Pedal, EZ-Change Interiors and EZ-Clean Gasket
  • Simplify workflow, even at your busiest times
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  • Sustainable Energy Recovery technology.
  • Saves enough money to eventually pay for itself.
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  • Speeds through cutting, mixing, blending, kneading and even cleaning.
  • A 90-degree bowl tilt enables you to handle the heaviest loads.
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  • 5-minute timer conveniently located on top.
  • Easy-load polyethylene spin basket with hand grips.
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  • Faster prep time and consistent results using simple controls.
  • Angled front for ease of operation.
  • Interlock switch for operator safety.
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