AM Select Dishwasher

The ENERGY STAR® qualified AM Select is like having two machines in one. One for pots and pans, and one for all your dishware.

AM Select Product

Quick Facts

  • NSF Certified for cleaning pots and pans, and dishes and glasses
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified, uses only .74 gallons of water per pack
  • Easy-to-use controls let operator select cycle times of 1, 2, 4 and 6 minutes
  • The patented Sense-a-Temp™ booster heater ensures rinse temperature is a sanitizing 180ºF
  • Stainless steel construction for long life
  • Delime cycle and service diagnostics



Whether it’s a delicate wine glass or a grimy pot, the new AM Select is NSF Certified to clean them all. Its four washing cycles—1, 2, 4 and 6 minutes—let you select the one that best fits your rack load. Choose 1 minute for dishware and glasses and 2, 4 or 6 minutes for pots and pans.

Using only .74 gallons of water per rack—less than any other door-type dishwasher on the market—the ENERGY STAR qualified AM Select door-type dishwasher can save you up to $1,400 a year in energy and water, compared to the AM14. (Projected saving is based on five hours of warewashing per day.)

The AM Select. It saves you money when you buy it, and it saves you money when you run it.

With the AM Select, you are literally getting two machines in one. You no longer have to contemplate getting one dishwasher for all your normal ware and expending many employee hours at the compartment sink, performing what has to be one of the most hated jobs in any kitchen.

The AM Select gives you two machines in one compact footprint. The AM Select’s unique flexibility not only saves you money, but it also saves you valuable real estate in your kitchen.

The fact is, the AM Select saves you money every time you turn it on. ENERGY STAR® rated, the AM Select reduces your water consumption and your utility bill a minimum of 25%. Compared to our previous model, the AM14, the AM Select can save you up to $1,400 a year in energy and water—assuming five hours of warewashing per day.

AM Select_ Rinse ArmThe biggest reason the AM Select saves you so much water is because of its exclusive rinse arm design that uses only.74 gallons per rack. Not only does the design reduce your water and energy consumption, but it also lowers your chemical costs. Low maintenance, it has no nozzles to replace, further reducing costs.

Adding to the water and chemical saving is the automatic drain closure that ensures the drain is closed when the machine starts. Hobart’s pioneering deep, narrow tank design helps maintain water temperature and conserve energy by creating a smaller surface area. It also requires fewer refills, saving water and labor. The interconnected booster heater control saves operator startup time and energy by energizing an external booster heater when the dish machine is turned on.

Uptime is essential to lowering costs, and the AM Select’s delime cycle—with an optional notification capability—makes it easy to delime, keeping the machine running efficiently and extending the life of critical components. The pump, motor and controls are protected by fully enclosed trim panels made of stainless steel.

If service should be necessary, the AM Select’s built-in diagnostics assist in pinpointing problems for fast, easy service, minimizing downtime.

AM Select_Keys

The AM Select is available in three models: the standard AM Select, the AM Select T (tall) and the AM Select F (front-loading). All accommodate either high-temperature or low-temperature sanitization. The AM Select and AM Select T can be converted from a straight-through to a corner application. Designed with a patent-pending, drop-down shelf for easy loading and unloading, the AM Select F is ideal for tight spaces. The AM Select T and AM Select F can wash large pots and 18" x 26" sheet pans.


Load rack. Close door. Select cycle. Push button. Seriously, can a dishwasher get any easier than that?

If you were to ask your staff what they like most about the AM Select, the response would probably be unanimous.

NSF Certified to clean pots and pans, as well as glasses and dishes (and utensils, of course).

AM Select_SettingsNo more pots and pans to scrub and scrape their knuckles on. Instead, all they have to do is put the grease-laden, food-crusted pots and pans in the AM Select and choose the one-, two-, four- or six-minute cleaning time that matches the level of residue to be removed. It not only makes their lives easier, but it also makes them more productive as they are now free to perform other tasks around the kitchen.

AM Select_TouchpadThe touchpad controls are simple to use and, with their large digital display, easy to read. They are also conveniently water resistant.With its NAFEM Data Protocol capability and added components, the AM Select makes it easy to monitor and record a variety of data, addressing your food safety and sanitation concerns.

To streamline operation procedures, the AM Select performs many functions automatically. The interconnected vent fan control allows the vent to automatically start with the dishwasher. The door-actuated Start begins the cycle automatically and resets if the door is opened, ensuring proper washing and sanitization.

The delime cycle—with an optional notification capability—makes it easy to delime, keeping the machine running efficiently and extending the life of critical components.

AM Select_Slanted StrainerTo keep the wash waster clean and allow the water to recirculate freely requires only minimal maintenance. Simply take out and clean Hobart’s exclusive slanted strainer system that directs food soil into a lift-out basket. A self-locating design makes replacement easy.

Patent-pending wash arms are easy to remove and replace, and the rinse arm design has no nozzles to replace.

The AM Select F—the front-loading model—makes it real easy to load and unload ware with its patent-pending, drop-down shelf.

If necessary, the AM Select is even easy to service. The AM Select has built-in diagnostics to easily pinpoint problems to assist one of our 1,700 service technicians.


Making it easy to use was as central to its design as engineering it to clean pots and pans, and glasses and dishes.

It should come as no surprise that the warewasher that so easily cleans just about everything is itself easy to clean. The easy cleaning starts with the stainless steel construction that you can quickly wipe down or scour with the harshest cleaners to satisfy your standards of cleanliness.

AM Select_Drain TankProblem areas no longer a problem. With more than eight decades in the dishroom, we know the problem areas that can make cleaning difficult. That’s why the AM Select’s drawn tank has rounded corners, making it easier to get at any dirt or residue that might accumulate there. It’s also why the patent-pending rack track is easy to remove and replace. The fully enclosed trim panels are stainless steel, making it simple to clean and, by the way, add protection to the pump, motor and controls.

Simple design, simple cleaning. The AM Select’s exclusive slanted strainer system directs food soil into a lift-out basket. This design not only makes it simple to take out the basket for cleaning, but it also helps keep the wash water clean and allows water to recirculate freely. The self-locating design of the strainer system makes it simple to put back in. Advanced wash arms—which feature an anti-clogging, debossed design to ensure the ultimate clean dish—are also easy to remove for rapid cleaning. All in all, the AM Select—the ultimate, door-type cleaning machine—is obviously very easy to clean.

The three-door wrap design allows for straight-through or corner dishroom layouts and easy access to interior components for quick cleanup.

AM Select_Rack Track

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