Hobart scales are working hard, even when they're just hanging around.

We work more hanging around than other scales do all day.

Hobart offers a choice of hanging scales from analog to the technologically advanced Quantum hanging scale.

The Quantum Hanging Scale

Hanging Tab ImageAll the features of Hobart's Quantum Scale are now available in a hanging-scale model that permits full-case access and makes cleaning easier.

The Quantum hanging scale features a simplified keyboard for enhanced productivity, versatile mounting and an easy-to-clean platter. The Quantum hanging scale is particularly useful in the seafood department to keep mess from collecting on the counter. The Quantum hanging scale permits easy access to the entire meat/seafood case.

Like other models in the Quantum line, the Quantum hanging scale is integrated with a label printer to allow on-label merchandising, eye-catching graphics, nutrition facts and cooking instructions.

The PR30 Hanging Dial Scale

Hanging Tab Image 2When it comes to economy, versatility and convenience, no other scale touches the Dial. Designed for ease of use by both your staff and your customers, the Hobart Hanging Dial Scale provides quick and accurate weighing. The Dial has two automatic dampeners to reduce indicator oscillations for rapid reading.

The Dial's full temperature-compensating weighing mechanism ensures stability and accuracy in environmental changes. The double-face charts simultaneously let your customers and staff read the scale from both sides.

The Dial is especially easy to clean. The pan is durable stainless steel and can be quickly removed for cleaning (and unloading). The attractive, chrome-finished head is just as easy to clean as the pan.

The Dial meets or exceeds Weights and Measures H-44, Class III requirements.


Product Spec Sheets


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