QuantumMax & QuantumM-1

The Quantum service scale system combines ease of operator use with wired and wireless networking.

Quantum Max Product

Quick facts

  • North America's leading service scale for regional and national grocery chains
  • TCP/IP for wired or wireless networking ATM-style console for easy operation
  • Lowest profile of any comparable scale on the market
  • 32 Flash keys for speedier service
  • All PLU data displayed on screen
  • QuantumMax features an easy-to-use touch screen

Ease of use.

The Quantum has an intuitive ATM-style, high-resolution pivoting display that provides clear graphic images. All PLU data is displayed on the screen: product number, unit price, by count, weight, tare, shelf life, sell-by, best-before, packed-on, freeze-by, UPC#, net weight, total price, label type, label format, graphics and customer marquee message for verification. Seven-position adjustments let the operator set up the screen for best viewing.

Help is always near. The Quantum is equipped with context-sensitive Help-key function to assist the operator at any time. Flashkeys allow easy access to PLU Search and Entry.

Labels: The power of information. The Quantum gives you powerful labeling capabilities. You can generate labels that have nutritional information, ingredient data, care and/or cooking instructions, cross-merchandising promotions or any other message you wish to convey to your customers.

The Quantum has a large label roll capacity. The cassette label-loading system makes for fast and efficient change of label stock. The thermal printhead requires no ink or ribbon for easy maintenance.

Wireless flexibility. Quantum’s wireless capabilities give retailers new latitude in placing their scales. Its TCP/IP capabilities ensure rapid communications.

Superior supervision capabilities. The Quantum allows the supervisor to audit All Totals-types. Production totals are permanently configured. You can also configure additional total types for your operation, including Ad Items, Cutting Test, Re-Wraps, New Items, Coupon Items and more.


Product Spec Sheets


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