Essential Automatic Wrapping System

An automatic wrapper with all the features you really need.

Quick Facts

  • 40" sealer belt—provides the best seal in its class
  • High-throughput speed of 20 packages per minute
  • Accepts large trays—up to 10"x15" or 25D
  • Film stretches for beautiful, leak-free presentation
  • Backed by Hobart quality and dedicated service division


Hobart is committed to providing the right wrapping equipment, plus the best prepared and only factory-trained service organization in the industry to make your store shine. That’s why we polled nearly half the grocers in the United States, asking what features you wanted, what features you needed and what you could live without on a wrapping system. With that data, Hobart has created the newest member of the Hobart weigh-wrap family, the Essential Automatic Wrapping System.

Seal in the quality.

Buying fresh, high-quality meat from a reputable grocer is an experience most people enjoy, but a less-than-perfect seal can ruin that experience in a moment. That’s why the Hobart family of wrappers puts the emphasis on producing the best seal possible.

High performance. The Essential wrapper produces a superior seal using the longest sealer belt in its class. That means that you can stock your meat cases with a selection of beautifully wrapped packages that you can trust not to soil your meat case or leak when a customer picks them up. High-throughput speed is also featured on the Essential wrapper—20 per minute. The intake area is large and open, and it can accept even the largest trays—up to 10" x 15" or 25D.

EWShighqualitysealWrinkle-free wrap. Because beautiful presentation is the best way to make product fly out of the case, the Essential wrapper uses a unique four-way-stretch feature. This ensures every package has a tight, crystal-clear and wrinkle-free wrap, allowing the quality of what’s inside to show.

Backed by a legacy of durability.

The goal of every Hobart machine is to support your operation and enable you to produce the best product you can. We know that equipment downtime can bring the best meat room to a costly standstill. The Hobart Essential Wrapper is designed to keep you up and running. We’ve put it through rigorous testing to ensure that it is the best it can be. 

EWSdedicatedserviceFactory-trained service. Plus, we back up all of our equipment with the only factory-trained and dedicated service organization. Our service team prides itself on its expert knowledge of Hobart equipment. When something does need attention, whether it’s routine maintenance or an emergency, it’s the service team’s sole purpose to get you operational again with minimal interruption to your production.

Service contracts. And, as always, we offer service contracts to ensure your wrapper is maintained properly, leading to a smooth-running operation.

Operation without complications.



At Hobart, our goal is to produce equipment that supports your operation and doesn’t hold you back. That’s why we designed our Essential wrapper to be easy to use from day one. It has an intuitive touch-screen interface that guides you through the process of use.

EWSautocenteringAuto-centering. The Essential wrapper automatically centers the packages you feed in. This feature ensures that no product touches the sidewalls of the machine, reducing contamination risk, and eliminating the need to wrap meat, poultry and fish separately.

Efficient film use. Film efficiency is the Essential wrapper’s goal. The Essential wrapper has one film roll, and it can share the same film gauge and width as the Hobart Hand-Wrap Station, simplifying film ordering. It can use film from 50 to 100 gauge and 13" wide to 20" wide.

Easy cleaning. In addition, our Essential wrapper is simple to clean. It opens up to allow easy access for wipe-down cleaning. EWSaccessease

Intuitive touch-screen. The touch-screen interface also helps with labeling. You can search by PLU or product name.

Simplified labeling. The labels are then printed on a high-resolution thermal printer. High print quality produces smaller bar codes, leaving more room for merchandising.

Our Essential wrapper places the labels on the packages for you, precisely where you want them. Rotating labels is as simple as selecting the orientation and flipping a switch.


linux logo
Optional Linux operating system. In response to evolving customer requirements, we’re now offering Linux as an operating system option for the Essential automatic wrapping system. VX Works, the current AWS operating system, will remain available through 2012. The following model designations and system descriptions are now available with Linux:


  • AWS-1LR, single printer configurations only
  • AWS-1RL, single printer configurations only
  • AWS-1BWLR (Essential), single printer configurations only
  • AWS-1BWRL (Essential), single printer configurations only
  • Access Stand Alone System (EPCP, EPP, EPSA-1 or -2, plus standard accessories)
  • Access system on HWS-C-4 or other previously installed HWS systems, single printer configurations only

Note: the Linux operating system is not backwards compatible with legacy wrap systems.  Those include the ILA, ESW, NSW, CSW and UWS.  




Product Spec Sheets


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