Hobart's Food Safety Factbook for Dishroom Operations

Food Safety Fact Book

Staying open? Need to shutdown?

Either way, we are here for you. We've compiled quick instructions on how to prepare your equipment for an extended shutdown period and safe restart after being idle. Click on the links below to explore our resources! 

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National Restaurant Association Reopen Guide

Making Sense of Your Evolving Kitchen

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COVID-19 Resources

Getting Through This Together

The impact of COVID-19 on the foodservice and food retail industry is being felt everywhere. We're all learning to deal with this "new normal" as it relates to improving sanitization practices and reducing the risk of viral spread. Restaurants are finding creative ways to keep their doors open, while various retail, grab-n-go and delivery concepts have seen an increase in sales due to more in-home dining.

Through it all, we've witnessed strength and resilience among many owners and operators who have found ways to adapt, innovate and establish new concepts that are advancing our industry by providing more safe, flexible options for employees and customers. Foodservice and food retail operations alike are experimenting with new contactless ordering and payment technologies while expanding options for curb-side pick-up and delivery. Retailers are adapting to increased demand for in-store and online sales for those preparing meals at home. We've seen new concepts emerge or advance such as food and beverage subscriptions, ghost kitchens, mobile kitchens and automated kitchens to name a few.

While foodservice and food retail professionals are working hard to accommodate new consumer behaviors and increased health and safety measures, Hobart is working hard to provide the equipment, resources and support necessary to help operations adapt, endure and succeed.

Improving Food Safety & Sanitization

  • Supporting the conversion from manual to automated dishwashing, providing clear advantages to food safety in the dishroom. All Hobart dishwashers are NSF certified and will sanitize to FDA guidelines and NSF Standard 3 for Commercial Warewashing Equipment. They also come with an industry exclusive set of food safety features designed to improve wash performance, operator behaviors, cleaning and maintenance, as well as provide sanitization assurance (learn more by downloading the Food Safety Factbook).
  • Investigating antimicrobials on various high-touch surfaces, including overlays on touchscreen controls, to reduce spread of bacteria and cross-contamination.
  • Introducing EZ-Open foot pedals and EZ-Clean gaskets for refrigeration and heated holding cabinets.
  • Leveraging Traulsen's Glycol refrigeration technology, enable 24/7 use of prep tables while maintaining safe food temperatures.
  • Providing removable parts such as our patented removable knife system on Hobart slicers along with our dishwasher-safe blade guards designed for safe, easy removal and cleaning.

Reducing & Managing Costs

SUPPORTING New Business Opportunities & Design Concepts

  • Providing equipment and consultation support to adapt kitchens for increased grab-n-go, curb-side pick-up, delivery and ghost kitchen or commissary concepts. For example, our portion scale slicers provide labor savings and consistent, precision portioning to support grab-n-go products such as meats and cheeses. Continuous-feed food processors support the growing "make at home" meal prep items while also providing the flexibility to ramp up processing of produce as operations begin to open and incrementally increase capacity.
  • Leveraging multi-function equipment like Baxter's VersaOven and Vulcan's Versatile Chef Station delivers maximum versatility in a minimum footprint for small and multi-use kitchen concepts.
  • Repurposing products such as manual hand wrapping stations to support with packaging of grab-n-go meals.
  • Increasing availability of refrigerated and heated holding cabinets for storing cold items or prepared meals.
  • Traulsen blast chillers are perfect, small footprint units that enable rapid chilling of cooked products, reducing production time while promoting food safety for grab-n-go and delivery concepts.
  • Reducing ticket times for customers by updating cookline with high-productivity Vulcan equipment such as PowerFry™ fryers or the VMCS clamshell.

Providing Reliable Customer Service & Maintenance Support

  • Maintaining pre-COVID capacity and expert personnel dedicated to responsively supporting the equipment and service needs of our customers.
  • Practicing strict safety measures while at work as well as while interacting with customers, in accordance with both CDC guidelines and customer protocols.
  • Supporting our customers through increased accessibility by way of remote connectivity and reporting tools; Enabling remote diagnostics for more efficient troubleshooting (coming soon via SmartConnect app).
  • Offering online service manuals for in-house management of more simple maintenance tasks.
  • Providing exceptional product availability and on-time delivery.

COVID-19 Resources

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