Get Inspired

Creating fresh, new food ideas is as simple as choosing the right prep equipment, and adding a bit of your own flair and imagination. Because in the hands of an artist like you, a Hobart mixer or processor becomes a key ingredient in your culinary creativity. So, are you ready to make something fantastic?

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Grab It

Go ahead. Throw together some berries and sprinkles. Or maybe some marshmallows and kosher salt. Get imaginative with your ingredients. You’ll see how a little creativity can add a whole lot of scrumptious.

Mix It

Bring your best ideas to the mix. Your Hobart mixer is ready with a host of attachments, including flat beaters for batters, a dough arm for artisan breads, even a meat chopper for sausage and charcuterie. Following your inspiration was never so easy.

Dish It

Now for the best part: Share your latest culinary creation with friends, family and customers. Showcase your art, and savor the rave reviews.