Get Inspired

Creating fresh, new food ideas is as simple as choosing the right prep equipment, and adding a bit of your own flair and imagination. Because in the hands of an artist like you, a Hobart mixer or processor becomes a key ingredient in your culinary creativity. So, are you ready to make something fantastic?

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Grab It

Ah. Let the creative process begin! Time to roll up the sleeves, take your pick of the crop and get your hands in the mix of things. Whether it’s coming up with pesto with pizzazz or a salsa with sass, the best part of creating a fresh food idea is in the making.

Chop It

Or slice, dice, grate and shred it. Crimp-slice and julienne, too. Hobart processors take the limits off your creativity with a full range of blade options and consistent results for show-stopping performance.

Dish It

Your culinary creation won’t go on a pedestal. It’s headed straight for the plate, and then onto the taste buds, where your creative genius will be most appreciated.