Monday, September 17, 2018 - 13:15

Gain Productivity & Quality with Variable Frequency Drive

Legacy Mixers Featuring Variable Frequency Drive

You know the frustration when a piece of kitchen equipment doesn’t do its job properly. You’re stuck wondering how to manage your production for the day without falling behind. Variable frequency drive technology is at the heart of a true heavy-duty mixer that can help you maintain both productivity and quality.

Enhancing productivity

Variable frequency drive technology saves time by eliminating the need to stop mixing to change speeds. Operators simply slow down or speed up the mixer with a quick turn of a knob. This productivity-enhancing feature varies from a standard drive mixer with constant motor speed; here the operator must stop the mixer to change speeds and then restart it to avoid damaging the gears. Stopping in the middle of a batch adds time to the process and can alter the consistency of the ingredients, changing the quality of food output.

Additionally, the technology allows a mixer to ramp up to various speeds, which is useful for recipes that require multiple steps and mixing of ingredients. Operators can mix ingredients at a certain speed for a set time — using the mixer’s digital timer — then add another ingredient and change the speed for a different amount of time.

Achieving quality results

Mixers with variable frequency drive technology provide precise, reliable control of the motor, even under heavy loads like pizza dough. That functioning allows operators to get the best, most consistent ingredient mixing — reducing the risk of time-consuming errors and providing the highest food quality the first time. Food output is more consistent batch to batch.

Also, maintaining high torque is important to consistently mix dough, and a mixer with variable frequency drive has the capability to apply the necessary torque across a wide range of speeds.

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