Advansys LXGe Commercial Glasswashers

LXGe glasswashers clean and sanitize with no chemical residue

Two available heights to fit any location

ENERGY STAR® certified

Let your drinks shine through with the commercial glasswashers that eliminate chemical residue.

Simplified Glasswasher Operation

Your customers expect more from their drinking and dining experiences these days, as they fill their glasses with craft beers, handcrafted cocktails, boutique wines and specialty nonalcoholic beverages. Now you can rest assured knowing that nothing will get in the way of your customers enjoying the pure taste and care you pour into every glass. The all-new Advansys™ LXGe commercial glasswashers clean and sanitize glassware, leaving behind no chemical residue.

Both the LXGeR and LXGePR glasswashers are ENERGY STAR certified with easy, one-button operation and a special "Soft Start" feature that helps protect glasses from chipping and breaking. With two available heights, compact design and high-end appearance, the Advansys LXGe commercial glasswashers are an easy fit--even in the most exclusive establishments.

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Save Energy with Every Wash

ENERGY STAR certified glasswashers increase productivity and profitability.

ENERGY STAR certified glasswashers increase productivity and profitability by saving time, energy and water. The LXGeR features an exclusive steam elimination and Energy Recovery system, reducing steam and saving up to $485 in annual energy costs. The LXGePR offers PuriRinse--a cold-water rinse after the chemical sanitizer cycle.

Simplified Operation

One-button operation to an automatic delime process.

From one-button operation to an automatic delime process, both the Advansys LXGe glasswashers are made to keep your glassware moving--and drinks flowing--even during your busiest shifts. Built-in sensors also notify operators of a clogged wash arm.


Taste the Drink Not the Glass

Meets national standards for energy efficiency
Chemical sanitizing rinse for crystal-clear ware
The pinnacle of Hobart energy efficiency

Model Comparison

Advansys LXGe Glasswashers: Features and BenefitsLXGeR High Temperature LXGePR Low Temperature
Cleaning Performance
Clogged wash arm alert
Potable water rinse
Sense-a-Temp™ - ensures 180° rinse
Labor Management
2 cycle times
Auto Delime cycle
12" door opening
Short Version - 34 3/8"
Tall Version - 41 7/8"
Energy and Environmental Impact
Steam elimination / Energy Recovery system
ENERGY STAR® qualified
Chemical Optimization
Chemical pumps
Auto Delime cycle

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