Advansys CLeN Conveyor Type

Turn loads of dishes into savings.

ENERGY STAR® certified, for a sustainable operation

Intelligent dwell pot & pan mode

Configurable de-lime notification

The Advansys CLeN brings Hobart’s Energy Recovery technology to the industry-leading water and energy savings of Opti-Rinse™. The result? A conveyor type warewasher with Hobart’s legendary longevity built-in that saves your kitchen so much in both energy and water, it could literally pay for itself within a few years, depending upon your warewashing volume.


Chemical and Labor Savings

Automatic Soil Removal keeps your water cleaner longer.

It actively removes food soil that was missed during pre-scrapping to an external basket. This keeps the wash water cleaner and for longer periods of time, saving money on chemicals, water and energy.

Energy and Water Savings

Drain Water Energy Recovery reduces hot water usage by up to 90 percent.

Provides up to 20 percent energy savings over the CLe series. DWER models capture the heat from exiting drain water and use it to heat the incoming cold water prior to sending it to the booster heater. This allows the machine to run on cold water, reducing hot water usage up to 90 percent. DWER models also temper the drain water, ensuring compliance with plumbing codes.

The pinnacle of Hobart energy efficiency
Cut water and energy usage in half
Meets national standards for energy efficiency

Model Comparison

FeaturesCLeN BaseCLeN Energy RecoveryCLeN Advansys
"Intelligent Dwell" Pot & Pan Modexxx
Configurable De-lime Notificationxxx
Ergonomically Designed Handles for Improved Operator Experiencexxx
DWeR - Drain Water Energy Recovery with Temperingxx
ASR - Automatic Soil Removalx

Brochures, Spec Sheets & Additional Resources

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Heat Dissipation Guide for CLeN Series

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