FT1000e Energy Recovery Flight Type Dishwasher

Advanced Performance and Energy Savings from Hobart Flight Type Commercial Dishwashers

Energy Recovery System - saves hot water and energy

Capless Wash Arms with Anti-Clogging Nozzles - ensures optimal, consistent performance

Auto Clean/Auto Delime - automates common cleaning tasks for operator time saving

The Hobart FT1000e Energy Recovery Flight Type Dish Machine advances commercial dishwashing to the highest levels of energy efficiency. Using an Energy Recovery system, the FT1000e ER uses machine heat energy to warm incoming cold water to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. Designed to deliver peak performance and the lowest total cost of ownership, the FT1000e ER delivers up to $4,710 in annual savings over the previous Hobart ER flight type model.

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Reclaim Heat for Energy

The Energy Recovery system provides savings in both heat and energy

The Energy Recovery system’s heat exchanger reduces energy use by capturing escaping heat and steam from the exhaust air and uses it to preheat the incoming cold water supply to 120°F before it enters the booster heater. The system provides a viable use for otherwise exhausted heat while cutting energy consumption by up to 20%.


With a control system like no other, the FT1000e ER makes operation and monitoring easy for any operator

The digital controls are placed in a convenient panel that lets operators verify proper operation and temperatures at a glance. Digital display indicates the unit is on and confirms that all doors are closed. With automatic door interlocks and easy-to-read digital display, it makes proper HACCP system record-keeping easy.


Built for Savings and Longevity

Cut water and energy usage in half
Meets national standards for energy efficiency
Best in Class
Hobart Dishwashers were awarded Best in Class Overall for 2017

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