PW Base Prep Washer

Available in 10 and 20 pan capacities

2,4 and 6 minute adjustable cycles

Built-in delime notification and cycle for convenience

ENERGY STAR certified

Hobart Commercial Prep Washers offer an unprecedented clean for your fast paced operation.

Customers in the modern age are demanding quicker, better service to match the quality products sold. In these demanding environments, the last thing your operation needs is to be slowed down by dirty prep pans and dishes. Hobart’s Prep Washer helps you move the process along with flexible cleaning capabilities, easy to operate machines and energy saving technologies. Getting back to serving your customer has never been quicker and easier.

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Flexible Washing

Efficient, multi-purpose cleaning.

With Hobart Prep Washers, you will have the ability to load the quick-cleaning machine with a wide range of food-prep equipment, including bowls, spoons, tongs, serving ware, baking ware, sheet pans, mixing bowls, deli pans, chicken spits, salad bar containers and more.

Easy Operation

Built to complement your staff’s needs, not slow them down

Our features help enable you to focus on taking care of your customer first by taking the guess work out with timed wash available in 2-4-6 minute intervals.


Designed to Support You

Meets national standards for energy efficiency
180ºF cleaning consistency, every time
Best in Class - Dishwashers
Hobart Dishwashers were awarded Best in Class Overall for 2017

Model Comparison

Hobart Prep Washers: Features and BenefitsPW10/PW20PW10eR/PW20eR
Customer Benefits
Sense-A-Temp® technology –ensures 180° F final rinse
Deep-drawn sump
Delime notification and cycle
Auto-delime including booster
Easy-to-use trilingual display
External spray hose
70°F rise booster heater
Energy Recovery Technology
Wash-water change notification

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