A slice above the competition.

Four-slot toaster producing 290 slices per hour

Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance

What is there to say about toast? With Hobart toasters, customers will never need to say
anything because the toast will be a perfect
golden brown every time. Uniform heating means no untoasted areas and no dark edges. And your staff will love the reliability and easy cleaning that are a part of every Hobart product.


Solid State Temperature Sensor and Probe

Technology to help operators produce perfect, golden brown toast every time

The probe is located directly in the cooking chamber to provide a higher degree of accuracy, while eliminating moving parts. The toasting time is adjusted automatically, allowing you to produce toast with a precise, consistent degree of doneness at any volume.

4 lb. Pressure Carriage Handle

Easy to operate, allowing kitchens to work efficiently and seamlessly

The design of the Hobart toaster handle requires less than half the downward pressure of mechanical models. The carriage rides on high-temperature sleeve bearings on a stainless steel shaft to assure uniform carriage lift action.


Small Details for Quality Production

Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel

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