Flight Type

Energy efficient. Water efficient. cleaning efficient. So you're efficient.

Flight Type with ESTAR

Quick Facts

  • Save up to $15,000 a year due to reduced rinse water and energy costs
  • Cleans up to 14,316 dishes an hour
  • Exclusive Opti-Rinse™ technology for 50% less energy and water usage than comparable models
  • The most popular flight-type dishwasher in the industry
  • Optional Energy Recovery system reduces energy consumption as much as 16% or $3,200/year
  • Easy access and thoughtful construction keep cleaning time to a minimum
  • Digital control panel for information at a glance, such as machine status and temperatures
  • FT900SD and FT900D models ENERGY STAR qualified

Bigger cleaning power. Smaller utility bills.

Flight Type Water 1Hobart’s advanced Opti-Rinse technology is the industry’s most advanced water- and energy-saving rinse system. Opti-Rinse technology creates a strong and powerful spray by forming an S-shaped pattern across the surface of the ware. The pattern means a saving of more than 50% in water and energy, and even helps you save additional money by reducing the size of the booster heater required.

Depending on the size of the operation and number of hours the machine is used, this can add up to an average annual saving of $7,685 to upwards of $15,000.

Operating Cost Comparison - Annual Savings of $7,685

(10 hours per day; 70% of the time)

Flight Type Graph

Opti-Rinse means bigger drops. Bigger is better because bigger drops transfer heat more efficiently to the ware. The result: completely sanitized, sparkling-clean ware.

Designed for efficiency from the inside out. The FT900D and the FT900SD have the lowest water consumption in the industry. The FT900 dishwasher maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste in almost every detail. Hobart’s cascading water system conserves energy and water by replenishing each tank with the heated water from the adjacent tank, as it moves through the machine from the rinse to prewash area.

Flight Type Water 2Meanwhile, our exclusive soil-management system results in fewer tank fills, which reduces water, detergent and energy use. Sloping screens and deep collection baskets work together to suspend food soil and keep it out of the tanks.

Additional features save more water and energy:

Multi-layer curtains separate wash and rinse zones to reduce carryover of water and control air movement to help keep proper operating temperatures.
When activated, the Dish Limit feature stops rinse water flow and alerts the operator to unload the ware.
When no ware is detected, electronic sensors automatically initiate an energy-saving idle mode.
Insulated chamber and doors help hold heat for greater energy efficiency.

Harness existing heat while significantly reducing energy consumption. Even if you serve more and more people each day, you can cut down on the energy it takes to clean up after them. Hobart’s optional Energy Recovery system can reduce the FT900 dishwasher’s energy consumption by as much as 16% or $3,200 a year.

Energy required to heat entire machine

Flight Type Graph 2

The Energy Recovery system achieves this saving by taking advantage of the heat energy that the machine already generates—heat that would otherwise simply be vented outside, and recycles it to preheat the incoming water supply to the booster heater.

The Energy Recovery system allows operation using a cold water supply for the final rinse with temperatures as low as 55°F/10°C.

A commercial dishwasher that’s built to last because the dishes never end. Like all Hobart products, the FT900 flight-type dishwasher is designed to help you achieve the highest return on your equipment investment over its entire life cycle.

The longer life starts with a heavy-gauge, stainless steel frame, combined with the FT900’s heavy-duty rolled hem rail, which together add greater strength and structural integrity, plus superior support for the flight belt.

The doors and chamber are insulated, double-wall, stainless steel construction, and the doors are hung on heavy-duty stainless steel brackets designed to stand up to the kind of daily use and abuse kitchen equipment can suffer.

The stainless steel drawn tanks minimize the number of welded seams, and all pumps and impellers are stainless steel, further adding to the FT900’s durability.

Features that increase peace of mind. A variety of features helps ensure that the FT900 is reliable and hard-working. Totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors are equipped with inherent overload protection for longer life. Corded and cabled, prewired connections reduce the potential for water and moisture damage. The control panel is water resistant for added reliability. Low-water sensors for the power wash and power rinse tanks protect the heating elements.

The FT900 is built to help you work better.

In a busy kitchen, every time-saver is a benefit. These FT900’s save you time and increase your peace of mind.

Flight Type_Ease of Use 1The digital control panel provides the operator with crucial information at a glance, such as machine status and temperatures. So whether it’s an operational indicator (the machine is filling with water) or an alert (a door is open), little troubleshooting is required.

Efficiency from every angle. Conveyor start-and-stop controls are located for easy access at the load, unload and the center of the machine. And the wash arm design makes correct installation simple, allowing for proper machine operation.

Lightening the load on your operators. The FT900 helps the operator work more efficiently, too. Ergonomic platform heights for staging ware at both ends of the machine minimize reaching, letting operators load and unload with ease.

With the FT900, you can also match the dishwasher’s speed to the type of residue on the ware.

Flight Type_ Easy of Use 2Speed it up or slow it down—an adjustable conveyor speed of 4 to 8.5 FPM (depending on model) lets you adjust to the type of ware, soiled condition or workforce requirements. So more lightly soiled ware can be cleaned in less time, while more time can be taken with heavily soiled ware.

Easy to work with before you even turn it on. Professional installation sets the tone for years of easy operation. Our factory-trained service team provides the basic assembly. The modular design of the FT900 means the unit installs quickly and reliably. Corded and cabled prewired connections simplify installation and minimize the need for service. Single-point ventilation reduces the number of connections, saving time and installation expense.

Fast, reliable service. The Hobart FT900 Flight-Type Dishwasher comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty on parts and labor. Hobart’s factory-trained service team—1,700 professionals strong—is by far the largest and most experienced of any manufacturer in the industry. And when you select Hobart Service for your installation, you’ll receive an extra six months of warranty coverage. Extended service plans and complete turnkey installations are also available.


It can clean all day. But you can clean it in no time.

We designed the FT900 with easy access and thoughtful construction to keep cleaning time to a minimum.

Flight Type_Easy to CleanLift-off panels throughout the machine provide greater access to clean under and around the conveyor, as well as maintain the machine.

Large, hinged doors provide operators greater access to the interior. The smooth surface of the fully enclosed back panels and the rear manifold design create an obstruction-free interior for quick cleanup between shifts.

Flight Type_ Easy to Clean 2To reduce debris on the load platform, our exclusive, removable flush arm rinses food scraps from the loading section into the prewash area scrap basket. The stainless steel debossed wash arm manifolds are easy to remove, clean and replace. And our drawn tanks with coved corners and a limited number of welded seams make them easier to clean for optimum efficiency and labor savings.

Fewer parts mean less to maintain. Instead of multiple screens and scrap baskets, each tank is fitted with just one flat screen and one scrap basket. This makes for quicker and more efficient breakdown and cleaning, and it saves the operator a great amount of time.