Hand-Wrap Solutions

The compact and efficient HWS-4: Up to one-third faster.

Handwarp Product

Quick Facts

  • Reduces hand-wrap time by one-third
  • Footprint half the space of conventional systems
  • Simple to use
  • Integrate with Access, Quantum and HLX
  • Easy-to-load film
  • Enter product code, wrap and seal in one continuous motion
  • Stainless steel element and stainless steel stand for durability

Simple to use with the Hobart Access, Quantum or HLX.

Designed to operate in conjunction with the Hobart Access, Quantum and HLX, the HWS-4 Hand-Wrap Station is simple to use. The wrap station can be set up with the printer on either the right or the left side.

When configured with the Hobart Access, the HWS weigh system provides merchandising flexibility, nutritional and text printing. The Access’ simple-to-use fonts, graphics and label types make it easy to design labels that will help you sell more product. The easy-to-use control panel allows for an extremely productive operation.

The Quantum service scale system combines ease of operator use with wired and wireless networking to create a powerful merchandising and communications center. Easy to use, the Quantum has an intuitive ATM-style, high-resolution pivoting display that provides clear graphic images. All PLU data is displayed on the screen.

The HLX service scale will bring a new level of ease to your product-wrapping process. Its Windows XP-powered touch screen allows you to personalize the layout to fit your store’s needs. With its shrink-reduction functionality, it generates an easy-to-read shelf-life sticker that can easily track the expiration date of perishable products.

Hobart durability and reliability. The HWS-4 hand-wrap station is no lightweight when to comes to standing up to the fast pace of a meat room. It features a heavy-duty control panel support assembly, a stainless steel element and heavy-duty, 300 series stainless steel stand assembly.

Designed to operate in all ambient temperatures, the HWS-4 delivers the reliability you expect from a Hobart.

Easy wrapping. The HWS-4 has two rolls for film—one for narrow and one for wide. To wrap a product, just select the appropriate film size and steadily pull out enough to fit the package. Wrap and place the package briefly on the hot plate to seal the bottom. Stick the label on the package. It’s that fast and simple.

Easy to clean. With its open, stainless steel construction, the HWS-4 is easy to clean before, during and after the course of a shift.

Product Spec Sheets


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