Food-waste Disposers

Hobart food-waste disposers. A simple and efficient way to reduce waste and save money.

Food Waste Dispose Product

Quick Facts

  • Two hardened stainless steel removable cutter blocks
  • Breaker blade for speedier grinding prevents objects from riding at center of wheel
  • Precision-machined Ni-Resist flywheel to cut particles to small size for easy drainage
  • SST stationary shredder ring with minimum of 40 secondary grinding teeth
  • Heavy-duty face-type water seal
  • Heavy aluminum grind and discharge housings for reduced operating noise
  • Permanently lubricated bearings in upper shaft support


Hobart food-waste disposers allow you to wash your food scraps and leftovers down the drain. It’s a simple, efficient and economical way to dispose of your food waste.

The operator merely has to push the food scraps and leftovers down the drain and flip the switch to grind the waste into tiny particles that can easily wash down the drain.

Food-waste disposers reduce the amount and weight of your total waste, saving you money on hauling, liners and labor.

Simple to use.

Hobart food-waste disposers are simple to operate. Just push the waste into the opening and while running cold water, turn on the unit.

Hobart food-waste disposers are easy on the ears, too. A vinyl isolating ring at the cone mounting eliminates metal-to-metal contact, reducing both vibration and noise.

To make sure all the food waste is broken down into minute pieces that can easily flow into the sewage system, the shredder rings on all Hobart food-waste disposers have four machine-ground primary-action breaker bars and 42 secondary-action grinding teeth. The two hardened stainless steel cutter blocks are replaceable and can be indexed to offer new cutting edges.

Servicing Hobart food-waste disposers is equally easy. Removing the motor is a simple matter of removing the bolts—four on the compact and medium-size models and eight on the FD500—that anchor it to the grind chamber.

No free rides. To prevent food waste from “riding” on the center, continuously spinning around without being processed, the flywheel has a breaker blade mounted at the center, accelerating the grinding action of the disposer. To further ensure that the food waste is reduced to a suitable size before passing to the drain line, the Ni-Resist flywheel has slots that undercut the shredder ring. To increase its efficiency processing heavy loads, the FD500 automatically rotates in the opposite direction at each new start.

Directing your Hobart disposer out of a jam. Sometimes the flywheel can get into a jam, struggling to process a particularly challenging piece of food waste. That’s one of the reasons all Hobart disposers have dual directional grinding, allowing the operator to change the direction of the flywheel when installed with Electrical Control Groups 2 or 3 . Dual directional grinding not only increases the efficiency of the disposer but also adds to its life.

Lower cost of ownership.

Hobart food-waste disposers live up to the Hobart tradition of longevity and durability. It starts with the motor, which has a continuous-duty rating. That means it’s a workhorse, capable of constant load service for more than 60-minute intervals. Compare that to an intermittent-duty rating that will overheat if run continuously. To make sure your Hobart food-waste disposer keeps running, they all have manual reset thermal overload inherent protection.

The grind and discharge housings are heavy aluminum. To ensure your Hobart food-waste disposer keeps on churning, there’s a motor shaft seal. The face-type seal consists of a sintered bronze mating ring and spring-loaded carbon ring insert in chemical-resistant neoprene bellows. To protect the mating surfaces from grit or fibers, the mating surfaces are recessed in the flywheel. If any moisture were to pass through the seal, a flinger and drain tube are provided to allow immediate removal. Adding another layer of protection is a lip-type oil seal, located beneath the bearings.

Choose from compact, medium and large models.

Hobart has a full line of disposers that you can select to match not only the size of your operation—as gauged by the number of meals you serve per day—but also by the location of the disposer.

Hobart’s compact disposers are available in three models: the FD3-50 (1/2 H.P.), the FD3-75 (3/4 H.P.) and the FD3-125 (1¼ H.P.). Although compact in size, they have a large capacity for handling food wastes. They are also highly versatile, depending on the Electrical Control Group that you select.

Hobart’s medium-size disposers are also available in three models: the FD3-150 (1½ H.P.), the FD3-200 (2 H.P.) and the FD3-300 (3 H.P.). The FD3-150, FD3-200 and FD3-300 let you dispose of waste quickly and economically. Like the compact models, they are highly versatile, depending on the Electrical Control Group that you select.

For large foodservice establishments, Hobart created the FD500 food-waste disposer. With 5 horsepower, the FD500 can meet the demands of the busiest operation, performing dependably during peak periods for economical food-waste disposal. Its versatility can also be enhanced by the selection of the Electrical Control Group.

Food Disposer Chart

Electrical Control Groups. Hobart’s Electrical Control Groups allow you to add versatility to your Hobart food-waste disposer. They are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. for use with FD3 and FD500 disposers (50 Hz electrical specifications were not submitted for UL Listing).

Group 2
For all models.
Group 2 includes:

Magnetic contactors
Push-button Start and Stop
Automatic reversing
NEMA 12 enclosure
Solenoid valve

Group 3
For all models.
Group 3 includes:

Magnetic contactors
Push-button Start and Stop
Automatic reversing
Low water pressure cut-off
Time delay for water after shut-off
Line disconnect
Solenoid valve
NEMA 12 enclosure

Group 4
For models through FD3-200:

Manual reversing switch
NEMA 1 enclosure standard
NEMA 4 enclosure optional
Not available above 250 volts
Optional solenoid valve


Product Spec Sheets


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