Get a Great Return on Your Dishmachine Investment

Cut Water Consumption up to 90%

Drain Water Energy Recovery (DWER) transfers heat from drain water to the incoming cold water, saving up to 20% on energy to heat rinse water, and reducing water for drain water tempering up to 90%.

Reduce Wash Water Changes Up to 50%

Automatic Soil Removal (ASR) actively pumps food soil from the wash tank to keep wash water cleaner, longer, with fewer tank fills per day. Save up to $522 per year on water, energy, and chemicals.

Spend Less Labor Time Prescrapping & Cleaning

ASR reduces pre-scrapping labor time up to 20%. Complete Delime with Booster Guard greatly simplifies deliming, and Capless Wash Arms reduce time on machine cleaning, with no caps to lose!

Get Prepware Clean with Less Presoaking

NSF-rated pot & pan mode cleans tough, heavy, baked-on food soil that other machines leave behind, and ASR pulls heavy food soil out of wash water, so you can put heavier soiled ware into the dishmachine.

Greater Lifetime Value

With good care, Hobart Commercial Dishwashers last for years, and with all these savings, you can realize a quick payback and return on your dishmachine investment. Ask for a Free Cost of Operations Audit to see what you could be saving.