Wrap Station Scale System

The Hobart Wrap Station Scale System has something for everyone.

Large touch-screen display for quick, easy operation

High-resolution printing enables smaller bar codes for more label merchandising

Search databases by description or nearest PLU

Web browser functionality to transmit product information and real-time monitoring

More than just a wrapping machine, the Hobart Wrap Station Scale is the ultimate partner for your operation.

Designed for the convenience of you and your staff:

  • A large LCD screen makes viewing easy.
  • Built-in flash keys can be organized by category and classes to retrieve the most common PLUs.
  • The advanced printhead delivers greater ability to merchandize through its higher dpi printing capabilities.
  • Your choice of a wired or wireless Internet connection allows you to transmit product and sales information, monitor the scale remotely, check employee schedules and more.

It’s time to extend your product life, cut shrink and do more.


Advanced Communication

The Hobart Wrap Station Scale is a multi-communications tool.

The scale is able to connect to the Internet so you can access your website. Transmit and check weekly or daily information, employee schedules, new product information and more at the touch of a screen. Supervisor screens can be accessed remotely to retrieve real time scale usage, diagnostic information, scale configuration, and modify or verify the PLU database.

Easy Upgrade

Designed for optimum performance and maximum uptime.

You can retrieve diagnostics information at any time, verify or modify the scale's configuration and the PLU database. Easy to upgrade via a USB drive or the network. System statistics—including real-time updates of free memory in Flash, RAM and RamDisk EVM—are available at the touch of a screen or key. The printer will notify you when the cassette/printhead is disengaged for a given period of time. The system will even send out e-mails when it's out of labels.


Your Ultimate Wrap Partner

Wireless Capabilties
Enable your device to connect via wireless network
Electronic Controls
Enjoy easy-to-use and modern digital controls.

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