HTi Self-Service Scale with Large Elevated Display

Offer consumers self-service convenience and touch screen ease

Large touch screen display

Intuitive, customizable graphical user interface

Available with or without barcode scanner

Our HTi Elevated Display Service Scale combines consumer ease of use and an advanced software feature set.

Retail customers are as receptive as ever to use self-service kiosks to locate and label products on their own. This scale ensures that your customers appreciate, and even enjoy, shopping in your retail environment. The large, adjustable touch screen display makes selecting, weighing and labeling a convenience and positive experience.



Intuitive User Interface

Do less to accomplish more.

With a large, adjustable screen and a checkout process that requires just a few swipes, the HTi Self Service Scale enables a speedy and enjoyable customer experience.


Advanced software and configurable settings.

The HTi scale uses robust scale management software that combines with customizable screens to suit the needs of your operation--whatever you're selling.


Enhanced User Experience

Wireless Capabilties
Enable your device to connect via wireless network

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