Get a Great Return on Your Dishmachine Investment

Save Energy

30% less energy use* per rack versus competitive ventless machines.

Improved Performance

Save up to $1,200** in annual operating costs versus non-ventless machines.

Ventless Operation

Reduce installation costs by $5,000+ by removing requirement for ducting and vent hood.

Get Prepware Clean with Less Presoaking

NSF-Rated Pot & Pan Mode cleans tough, heavy, baked-on food soil that other machines leave behind, so you can put dirtier ware into the dishmachine.

Spend Less Time Deliming and Cleaning

Complete Delime with Booster Guard greatly simplifies deliming, and Capless Wash Arms reduce time on machine cleaning, with no caps to lose!

*Projected savings based upon ENERGY STAR® test data per rack versus competitive ventless machines.
**Projected annual savings from Ventless on CLeN44 vs. Base running 550 racks/day with electric heat.