Get a Great Return on Your Dishmachine Investment

Save up to $6,700 on Annual Energy Consumption

The Hobart FT1000e considerably reduces energy use and amp load requirements to provide the lowest annual operating costs of any flight type in the industry.

Save Up To $6,500 on Installation Costs

Lowest Amp Load at 150 amps can save $3,000 on wiring and circuit breaker upgrades, and reduced energy lowers exhaust (CFM) requirements. Ventless Steam Elimination on the Advansys model saves an additional $3,500 on vent hood installation.

Reduce Wash Water Changes Up to 50%

Automatic Soil Removal (ASR) removes up to 80% of food soil before it reaches the pre-wash tank to keep wash water cleaner, longer, with fewer tank fills per day. Save over $500 per year on water, energy, and chemicals.

Spend Less Time Prescrapping & Cleaning

ASR reduces pre-scrapping labor time up to 20%, with up to 50% less time changing wash water. Complete Delime with Booster Guard automatically doses delimer into the final rinse section & booster, reducing the handling of chemicals & preserving the life of the machine & booster, saving up to 30 minutes per day so staff can focus on other tasks.

Greater Lifetime Value

With good care, Hobart Commercial Dishwashers last for years, and with all these savings, you can realize a quick payback and return on your dishmachine investment. Ask for a FREE Operations Savings Audit to see how much you can save.