Price Computing Scale

The PS40 scale measures up and beyond your expectations.

Completely mobile, featuring a rechargeable 6V 4-amp sealed lead acid battery

Programmable; with a memory bank of 50 PLUs and 12 speed keys

The membrane keypad makes cleaning easier

Stainless steel weighing platter for durability

There’s a place in every restaurant, grocery store and outdoor market for the Hobart PS40 price computing scale. The mobility and precision of the PS40 make it perfect for weighing exact ingredient amounts for a multitude of recipes or portion sizes. The PS40 helps you precisely control costs while letting you deliver exactly as advertised.

The PS40 price computing scale has been built to meet the quality standards that you expect from Hobart. You can count on the PS40 to be a reliable addition wherever it's put to work.

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Adaptable to a variety of food service operations.

The compact design makes the Hobart PS40 price computing scale an easy addition to any operation. Its impressive capabilities make it a valuable partner for a variety of foodservice operations, whether in a restaurant, grocery store or outdoor market.

Easy to clean

Its stainless steel features and large membrane keyboard are not only durable but also support easy sanitation.

Not only is the design attractive and sleek, the membrane keypad and stainless steel weighing platter allows for quick wipe down cleaning.


Adaptability is Key

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