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Choosing the correct sized mixer for your kitchen is incredibly important. A mixer that is too large will not properly mix your recipe, and a mixer that is too small can harm the long-term reliability of the mixer and lead to expensive maintenance and repair costs as time goes on. In order to pick the right Hobart Legacy+ mixer for your application, you must consider the batch size. The batch size is the overall weight of your ingredients, and it corresponds to the weights in our capacity chart

If you are mixing dough, you must also consider the absorption ratio. Absorption ratio is calculated by dividing the weight of wet ingredients by the weight of dry ingredients. Doughs with lower absorption ratios are tougher to mix, and thus the mixers have lower maximum capacities for those types of dough. Ice and high gluten flour also affect the selection of the correct mixer. High gluten flour is any flour with a protein level above 12%, and if it is used the mixer's capacity is reduced by 10%. If ice is used the mixer's capacity is also reduced by 10%.

With so many things to consider when selecting the right mixer, it can be easy to get stuck. That's where our mixer capacity and absorption ratio calculator comes in! In the "Search by Recipe" section below, you can pick the type of product you are mixing and enter the batch size to see the recommended Hobart Legacy+ mixer. If you select a dough, the calculator will calculate the absorption ratio and batch size for you based off the weight of wet and dry ingredients and then recommend a mixer. You can also use "Search by Model" to pick a specific Legacy+ model and see the maximum capacities for different types of products. 

It is important to remember that these recommendations are only suggestions. Please connect with a sales representative to finalize any machine choice or to learn more about these products. All computations in this calculator are based on an approximation of anticipated requirements, actual performance will vary by application. The values and recommendations provided herein are estimates and do not represent a guarantee for any real-world results. By using this calculator you acknowledge the limitations and assumptions, releasing ITW Food Equipment Group from liability.


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