Industrial Washers

With industrial dishwasher options, Hobart provides the cleaning throughput plant managers demand within high productivity environments.

Manufacturing environments today require highly efficient sanitation processes so they can focus on greater productivity for the business. With many types of material handling products needing to be washed, at all different shapes and sizes, it’s become even more important to meet these demands with automated washing solutions. Hobart’s industrial washers deliver the sanitation you require, all while conserving energy and saving your operation money.

If you’re looking for a flexible, multi-purpose washer, the CL64T Tote Washer is the perfect machine. Desiged to deliver a thorough clean to custom parts, it’s ready to tackle your operation’s throughput demands.

For the busiest of operations, the FT1000i washer can be customized to a variety of material handling products. Engineered to meet the demands of high volume operations, it delivers a powerful wash, with powerful savings.

Both the CL64T and FT1000i are customizable and come with options like the high-pressure blow-off and energy recovery systems. Find out more about each industrial washer by selecting it below. Contact us online or call (888) 378-1338 now with questions or help obtaining a quote.