WastePro Dishroom Waste System

Reduces waste up to 88% in volume

Processes food waste, paper, plastic and Styrofoam®

Closed-loop design reuses 95% of water

Processes from 1,250 to 3,000 pounds per hour

Reduce waste up to 88% and save money

Hobart’s WastePro 1260 can help you reduce labor time, water consumption and potential hazards to food safety—saving you thousands of dollars every year.

Made for each other—our water presses and your dumpster. Using a remote system can greatly reduce security issues associated with waste disposal. Hobart can configure a system that will maximize your floor space and improve your dishroom’s cleanliness and productivity.

Hobart commercial food waste systems are designed to process 57% of the solid-waste material that enters landfills. The remaining 43% can be processed by government recycling programs.

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Choose Your Need

Two available options, easy to configure for your operation.

Available as both a close-coupled unit and an engineered remote system, the WastePro offers the latest in solid-waste-processing technology with Hobart reliability. The WastePro Remote separates the pulper and the water press, letting you locate the water press up to hundreds of yards away, usually closer to the dumpster.


The WastePro is flexible and can work with disposers, rerouting scrap (potato peels, seeds, etc.) to the pulper.

You can have multiple pulpers connected to one or more water presses. In short, the WastePro can be engineered to fit almost any kitchen’s needs, no matter how complex.


Standout Customization for Your Operation

Best in Class by Operators for 2016
Hobart Waste Disposers were awarded Best in Class by operators for 2016

Model Comparison

Expense Item Usage in Disposer System Usage in WastePro Cost per Unit Total Annual Saving
Water (gal.) 1,314,000 262,800 $0.002/gal. $2,102
Sewage (gal.) 1,314,000 262,800 $0.002/gal. $2,102
Electrical (kWhr) 8,169 19,601 $0.075/kWhr ($857)
Plastic liners 18,250 3,650 0.25 each $3,650
Labor (hrs.) 1,095 365 $7.80/hr. $5,694
Hauling (per mo.) $450 $90 Reduced 80% $4,320
Total Saving $17,011