With industry leading cutting equipment, process food to unmatched precision with every use. Exclusive COOLCUTTER knives are made up of two stainless steel serrated cutting knifes and two stainless steel turning knives, which are used in tandem to speed up food processing yet maintain persistent accuracy. With two different processing speed models to choose from, you are in control of how you process your food.


An industrial food processor with stainless steel parts built for heavy use for years to come. Don’t slow down production just because your commercial food processor equipment can’t handle it. With proper use and care, our bowl food processing machines can meet all your processing needs. Each is built with stainless steel bowls and knives that provide long lasting, outstanding performance


The durable XYLEX bowl cover is see-through so you can to monitor performance. The patented built-in bowl scraper helps you monitor the food product and helps force it back into the knives for faster processing, and the pour-spout allows liquid to be added as you use the food processor. A triple-safety interlock gives you added peace of mind, as the machine won't operate unless the bowl is in place and the lid is in place and locked. Our commercial bowl food processors also have no-slip stability designed for a smoother user experience with little training between operators and a compact design for better space management.