Door Type Dishwashers

Hobart AM Series door type dishwashers set the standard for wash performance and lifetime value.

The AM16 Advansys™ delivers the lowest operating cost available with technologies like Drain Water Energy Recovery (DWER), Ventless Energy Recovery, and a 5-Sided Hood that significantly reduce water and energy consumption. Add to this our legendary performance, quality and durability and you have the best lifetime value of any commercial dishwasher available.

The AM16 Advansys and ASR units feature our Automatic Soil Removal System (ASR) technology that pumps food soil out of the wash tank. Operators can let more food soil go into the machine, saving time on tedious prescrapping, and wash water stays cleaner, longer, which reduces wash water changes, saving even more time. Spending less time on dishwashing gives staff more time to help out in other parts of your operation.

All AM16 models include the new X-shaped wash arms, doubling water coverage over ware for even greater wash performance, and Ventless Energy Recovery is available on Base and Advansys models, eliminating the need for a vent hood.

Get twice the performance in a door type footprint with our new AMTL Two-Level Dishmachine and put your throughput on overdrive with an upper and lower wash chamber that help you wash 80 racks per hour!

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