Door Type

An open door to an easier, faster clean.

Get two dishwashers in one with the AM Select dishwasher. ENERGY STAR® and NSF Certified to clean and sanitize both pots and pans, delicate glasses, dishes and other ware, the AM Select saves you the expense of either buying a dishwasher exclusively for pots and pans or having to dedicate hours of labor to scrubbing, scraping and cleaning pots and pans.

Hobart's Advansys Ventless door type dishwasher is the first high-temp, ventless, door type dishwasher featuring Energy Recovery. The recovery cycle captures water vapor and condenses it to heat the incoming cold-water inlet for the final rinse cycle. This process allows you to save up to $1,568 a year in water and energy costs. Eliminating the need for a ventilation hood makes the AM Select Ventless easy to install. Since there is no vent, there is no need for ductwork for the ventilation hood, saving you approximately $3,500 in vent installation costs.

The LT-1 low-temp chemical warewasher is Hobart’s most affordable door-type dishwasher. Cleaning up to 37 racks per hour, using only 1.7 gallons of water per rack, the LT-1 is the perfect starter dishwasher for those looking for Hobart dishwashing performance at a very attractive price. Both commercial dishwashers—the LT-1 and the AM Select—deliver industry-leading Hobart cleaning.

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