Flight Type Dishwashers

Innovative features address labor, cleaning performance, soil management, life cycle and chemical optimization challenges.

Across all six elements of warewashing performance—cleaning, life cycle, chemicals, soil management, labor and utilities—Hobart has developed flight type dishwashers designed for the lowest total cost of ownership and improved care and operation. At the same time, these machines deliver the performance and quality standards customers have come to expect from Hobart.

Featuring Auto Clean, flight type washers allow operators to quickly and easily clean machines at the touch of a button, saving up to 30 minutes of labor per day and using no additional chemicals. Automatic Soil Removal removes up to 80 percent of food soil before it reaches the prewash tank, reducing the amount of detergent required. The result is reduced chemical consumption by up to 25 percent over previous Hobart models.

At 58 gallons of rinse water per hour, FT1000 machines use 50 percent less water. With 22 percent annual energy savings with optional energy recovery technology, flight type washers also boast the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

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