Spiral Mixers

Hobart Spiral Mixers incorporate ingredients for ideal artisan dough

Available in multiple sizes, from 180-lb to 440-lb. bowls

Oxidation and temperature control

Two speeds, reversible bowl, programmable timer

Batch sizes as small as 10% max capacity

Artisan breads and Neapolitan pizzas have never been more popular! As the Chef, you want the gentle incorporation that a spiral mixer provides with the consistent performance required to make great dough each time. 

Because spiral mixing is gentler, the temperature of the dough fluctuates less and helps ensure that the yeast activates properly. With Hobart Spiral Mixers, you are better equipped to deliver airy bread and pizza products.            



An Expert Touch

Achieve maximum control, either programmed for consistent results or manually perfected.

Hobart’s spiral mixers are designed to give you maximum control over the mixing of your dough. The mixers’ two speeds have programmable timers so that chefs and bakers can control the process even when they’re not personally monitoring it. This allows you to have your own spin on the recipe while keeping it consistent every time.

Oxidation and Temp Control

Don’t settle for subpar dough. Hobart mixers are built to combat temperature increases and allowing the ideal amount of oxidation.

To control oxidation and create a more consistent mix, Hobart mixers speed up the process with the combined action of the spinning dough hook and the rotating bowl. The ingredients mix fast and gently, for the perfect amount of oxidation and generating a superior quality dough. At the same time, they keep the dough at a lower temperature, preventing the yeast from activating too early by working the dough more gently compared to other mixers.


Qualities for the Perfect Mix

Electronic Controls
Enjoy easy-to-use and modern digital controls.
Hobart Quality
The standard for quality food equipment - tested by time.
Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel

Model Comparison

180 lb. Spiral Mixer220 lb. Spiral Mixer
Dough Capacity180 lbs.220 lbs.
Flour Capacity180 lbs.132 lbs.
Bowl Diameter27.5 in.27.5 in.
Unit Size48” x 28” x 55”48” x 28” x 55”
Unit Weight1,146 lbs.1,168 lbs.

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