Turbowash II Powered Sinks

Minimizes manual scrubbing and scrapping of heavily soiled ware

Horizontal water flow cleans sheet pans without using a rack

2-H.P. pump circulates 200 gallons of water per minute

Built to handle the toughest baked-on food, soil and dirt.

The TurboWash II’s stainless steel pump and impeller unit are capable of pumping 200 gallons of water per minute over the ware. Operators can be assured that even the toughest dirt is blasted away. Pots, pans and other heavily soiled cooking ware can simply be placed in it, and the continuous flow of turbulent, heated water provided by high-powered jets will break down the baked-on food soil. Space efficient and durable, you can trust that both the TurboWash II as well as your pots and pans will last. And, with Turbowash II taking care of the heavy work, there is a lot less scrubbing and scrapping for your employees to do.

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Space-saving design inside and out

Effectively uses space, both within the machine and within the kitchen.

With the recirculating jets and heater recessed in the side of the sink, the basin is free from obstruction, leaving more room for ware. Meanwhile, the flexible design allows operators to more effectively use their space in the kitchen.

Built for the long haul.

Like all Hobart products, it has a solid work ethic.

No matter how many times it has been kicked, or how many hours it has been running, the TurboWash II can withstand the test of time. It features 14-gauge, type 300 series polished stainless steel construction. It’s in the tanks. It’s in the drain boards. It’s nearly bulletproof. Because the recirculating jets do not protrude into the sink, wear and tear placed on the pots and pans will also be reduced.


Turbowash II Features

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