Automatic Wrapping Systems

Wrap, label, track – we have all the features you need and more.

Two systems to choose from for centering, wrapping and labeling trays

High-resolution printer enhances readability and maximizes merchandising efforts

Simple cleaning

Hobart’s Automatic Wrapping Systems provide the highly connected solution to fast-paced, large volume stores and grocers. Choose from two systems designed to meet your needs.

  1. The Access Automatic Wrapping System delivers the ultimate connectivity, merchandising ability, and ease for all members of your operation.
  2. The Essential Automatic Wrapping System is your store’s ultimate companion, giving your staff the features they need to provide the best service and product to your customers.

Both systems provide you with peace of mind knowing that they are "Hobart made" for quality and durability.



Both the Access and the Essential systems automatically center packages that are fed in.

Designed to reduce film costs, the Access selects the right film for each package while the Essential uses one film roll for easier ordering.


No need to stop and reorient packages.

Enjoy consistent quality and fewer mistakes and rewraps. The Access grants both side and back access to the film area, and best of all, the film slides on the shaft and centers automatically.


So easy to use, all the operator has to do is watch.

Wireless Capabilties
Enable your device to connect via wireless network

Model Comparison

Package Handling Size10” X 16”10” X 15”
CleaningSpray to cleanWipe to clean
Film Size12” wide to 20” wide13” wide to 20” wide
Search by PLU & Partial DescriptionYesYes
Touch Screen DisplayYesYes
Advanced Image RecognitionYesNo

Models & Spec Sheets

Automatic Wrapping System
Essential Wrapping System