Ice & Beverage

Protect your equipment and have great tasting beverages and ice with our cost effective water treatment system.

Hobart's Aquaprime filters are perfect for providing the great tasting beverages your clients demand.

HydroBlend™ compound in our TOS systems provides scale prevention and corrosion control.

Chlorine and Chloramines are the most common contributors to poor beverage flavors.

Reverse Osmosis provides the ultimate water for coffee, tea, and remarkably clear ice.

Hobart filter systems are designed for simple use and minimal maintenance.

These systems are designed to protect ice machines, coffee, tea, espresso, hot water dispensers and soda dispensing equipment. They are ideal for reducing existing scale deposits, scale prevention, corrosion control, chlorine reduction, sediment reduction and are unaffected by high temperatures. And with the elimination of chlorine and other taste and odor components, you'll have beverages your guests clamor for!


Aquaprime Filtration Systems

The Hobart Aquaprime Beverage & Ice Water Treatment Systems are designed to protect your machines, regardless of volume.

Providing excellent capacity and minimal pressure loss, our lineup of TO-Single, Twin and Quad and TOS-Single, Twin and Quad systems supply great tasting water for your beverage and ice service. Our TOS versions also protect your equipment from the damaging effects of scale and corrosion.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

With reverse osmosis, your water quality is at its highest. Our reverse osmosis systems are ideally suited for coffee, tea, and espresso making. Want ice that's significantly more clear? These units are the answer.

What's the main ingredient in your beverages? Water! By reducing the total dissolved solids content my 95% or more the water will more than meet your standards. We've specifically designed our systems so that they take up a small footprint in your kitchen; they can either stand alone or be wall-mounted.