Conveyor Dishwashers

Speed up your dishroom while saving on resources with Hobart Rack Conveyor Dish Machines.

Hobart CLeN conveyor type washers use less than half the rinse water and half the energy compared to models without it, saving kitchens more than $9,000 a year. ENERGY STAR® qualified, CLeN washers are an essential component of any sustainable foodservice operation.

In medium- and high-volume operations where the dishes keep on coming, the racks have to keep rolling. Fortunately, kitchens can trust Hobart reliability and dependability. In fact, Hobart commercial dishwashers have the highest documented uptime in the industry. Constructed of stainless steel, CLeN washers are built-to-last, saving energy, water and money for years.

Accelerate your dish room and start saving today with one of Hobart’s Conveyor Dishwashers outlined below. Ready to buy now? Use our Sales Rep Finder for a local rep. Call (888) 378-1338 or contact us online today with questions or for expert assistance.