Hobart Commercial Meat Grinders and Choppers

Get the best quality out of your meat chopping and grinding.

Ideal for either fresh or tempered meats

No mashing of meat—every piece comes out with a clean cut

Durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel finish

We know you want everything that comes out of your meat room to look and taste its best, which is why a Hobart meat chopper or meat grinder is the right choice for your operation. Capable of handling the toughest assignments with ease, our commercial meat choppers and meat grinders are designed to meet the varying needs of high-volume and on-demand processors of fresh or tempered meats. These choppers and grinders can handle anything. Meat comes out clean and retains all its natural color and flavor. A Hobart chopper or grinder eliminates the concern of meat mashing. It will keep up with you and your demands!



Mash-Free results

Every cut is clean, maintaining its original properties for flavorful results.

Every cut is clean, maintaining the meat’s original properties for flavorful results. Our meat choppers are built with Stay-Sharp knives and high-powered motors for a load of 12 to 20 pounds per minute with continuous chopping action. These products are ideal for both on-demand and routine chopping and grinding needs.

Easy operation

Stainless steel meat chopper and compact meat grinder with self-cleaning tools keep operations running smoothly and provide precise results.

Tool-free cleaning is an added benefit that helps you keep up with frequent use and food safety standards. Easy-to-use functions make time-intensive training between users virtually unnecessary.


Redefining Precision

Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel
Hobart Quality
The standard for quality food equipment - tested by time.

Model Comparison

Model Lbs per Minute Motor
4812 8 lbs 1/2 HP
4822 16 lbs 1 1/2 HP
4732/4732A 35-40 lbs 3 HP
4146 60-65 lbs 5 HP

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