Every cut is clean, maintaining the meat’s original properties for flavorful results. Our meat choppers and meat grinders are built with Stay-Sharp knives and high-powered motors for loads from 8 pounds per minute up to 60-65 pounds per minute with continuous chopping action. These products are ideal for both on-demand and routine chopping and grinding needs.


The 4146 meat grinder sits on 16-inch-high stainless steel legs and features a 5 HP motor, 215 RPM transmission, magnetic starter and high back for large-capacity needs. It has a capacity of 60-65 pounds per minute, while the 4732 and 4732A meat choppers include a 3 HP motor and a 35-40 pounds per minute capacity. For smaller operations, the 4812 meat chopper features a 0.5 HP motor and a 8 pounds per minute capacity. The 4822 meat chopper boasts a 1.5 HP motor and a capacity of 12 to 20 pounds per minute with continuous chopping action.


Our stainless steel meat choppers and compact meat grinders with self-cleaning tools keep operations running smoothly and provide precise results. Tool-free cleaning is an added benefit that helps you keep up with frequent use and food safety standards. Easy-to-use functions make time-intensive training between users virtually unnecessary.