HT Scale with Linerless Label Cassette and Auto Cutter


Reduce waste, save and simplify…

Hobart’s HT Series Scales are more versatile than ever.  The addition of a Linerless Label Cassette and Auto Cutter provide retail grocers the flexibility to customize labels, automatically size and cut labels, and reduce label stock consumption.  These features are integrated into the HT Series Scale providing the flexibility, intelligence and power needed to support all your fresh departments.


Dynamic Label Sizing Reduces Cost and is Eco-Friendly

Traditional die-cut labels are a fixed length.  The length is pre-determined to accommodate the longest label required.  As a result, much of the label is wasted with unnecessary blank space.

With Linerless labels, the label length is sized dynamically each time a label is printed.  This eliminates the blank spaces and optimizes label use, resulting in less waste, and saves on consumables costs.

Additionally, eliminating the backing paper from the label roll allows more label stock to be wound on each roll.  This optimizes label use and minimizes inventory.  No backing paper to discard reduces waste for an Eco-friendly label solution.


Save & Simplify

On-demand label length eliminates the need to stock different label sizes.

Reduce Waste

No label backing to discard promotes sustainability.

Dynamic sizing uses less label stock per roll.

Reduce Downtime

Patented cassette simplifies label change over.

Change labels less frequently because you get more labels per roll.

Increase Efficiency

More printable area per label roll.

Additional options for label customization.

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