Commercial Salad Spinners/Dryers

Quickly achieve perfectly dry, tender greens with a commercial salad spinner.

Available in polyethylene (SDPE) and stainless steel (SDPS) outer tub and lid

One-piece molded base

5-minute timer conveniently located on top

Easy-load polyethylene spin basket with hand grips

Easy to use and easy to clean, Hobart salad spinners can add up to three days to the shelf life of your greens and reduce salad dressing cost by as much as 15%.

As Americans continue to eat healthier, more local and more organic foods, fresh-tasting vegetables are an increasingly important part of their diet and and revenue-producing part of your business. A recent survey found that 81% of Americans eat at least one salad a week, with one in five eating a salad almost every day. With a capacity of up to a case (16 heads) of lettuce, the Hobart salad dryer and spinner can help you easily and quickly create and serve fresh, crisp and tasty salads for them all.


The Perfect Touch

Stop diluting your profits. Take your salad vegetables for a spin with Hobart salad spinners.

Our 406 rpm speed gives your greens the spin needed to remove excess water without damaging or bruising. The removal of the excess water reduces dressing costs up to 15%, as excess water typically dilutes dressings, causing it to run off leafy greens.

Extra Capacity

The perfect commercial salad dryer and spinner to prepare large quantities for large operations.

Hobart's salad spinners come with an easy-load polyethylene spin basket equipped with hand grips so you can prepare up to a case of lettuce (16 heads) with ease.


Perfect Salads Every Time

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