CL64T Tote Washer

The perfect combination for sanitizing totes, bins and custom containers

Top mounted micro-processer controls on the washer

4, 5 and 6 feet per minute speed selector on the washer

Washer blower operates at 20HP, 3600RPM

The ultimate industrial washing solution for your totes

The CL64T Tote Washer is designed to wash a variety of items to help expedite sanitation within your operation. Containers travel by coveyor through a heated wash and rinse, followed up by a fresh water rinse. An optional high pressure 20HP blow-off system dries the products using multiple air knives to target all areas of the tote, forcibly removing water. The result is a clean, dry tote ready for use. In combination with the CL64T Tote Washer blow-off system, the CL64T is the ultimate washing solution for your totes, bins and custom containers.

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Sustainable and Efficient

Features designed for the best wash while conserving energy and operating costs

Two large, insulated doors provide easy access for pain-free cleaning and maintenance as well as trap heat inside to help maintain energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. Variable speed options allow you to adjust to employee needs or dirt levels--to avoid rewashing and ensure clean totes the first time through.

Flexible Design

Designed for flexibility--designed to wash a variety of products for the ultimate clean.

Totes go through a heated wash and rinse as well as a fresh water wash to ensure a thorough clean. The design allows for multipurpose use, not just limited to standard totes and bins. Additional accessories are available for an even more customized washing experience.

Process Automation

Save time, labor and water with an automated washing system.

The sanitation process within your operation can take valuable time away from productivity. Shifting from a manual to an automated process will not only allow for a reduction in labor time, but create greater consistency in the cleaning of your material handling containers. Water and energy savings are also experienced.


Sanitation and Speed

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