Cutter Mixer

The Hobart HCM450 Cutter Mixer speeds through cutting, mixing and blending.

Cut, mix and blend in seconds

45-quart bowl with pouring lip

Bowl-tilt lever and see-through cover

Liquid incorporation spout

From mixing salsa to quick bread batters to kneading dough and blending coleslaw, the Cutter Mixer can help you tackle the process! The large 45-quart bowl makes cutting lettuce for the salad bar fast and efficient. Liquid product can be continuously added to the mix via the pour-through spout in the closed cover, and the wide, shallow bowl provides easy access.



Simplify operations

Designed to cut, mix and knead a variety of products with one unique machine.

The HCM450 has simple Start and Stop switches that are completely sealed. With a number of features designed to make the Cutter Mixer easy to use and clean, this piece of equipment can help you cut down on your operational labor costs.

Easy to Monitor

Streamline production and monitor cutting, mixing and kneading processes with ease.

The HCM450 Cutter Mixer features a counterbalanced, clear Lexan bowl cover. This cover seals in liquid product and enables the operator to monitor the mix without stopping the machine or removing the cover.


Unique Features for Quality Products

Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel
Best in Class
Hobart Floor Mixers were awarded Best in Class Overall for 2017
Hobart Quality
The standard for quality food equipment - tested by time.

Model Comparison

Product Pounds Time Mode
Chopped Sausage 20-30 lbs. 1-2 minutes Cut/mix
Bread Dough 18-36 lbs. 1.5-2.5 minutes Knead/mix
Chopped Potatoes 18-36 lbs. 15-30 seconds Cut/mix

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