Hobart Food Processor Accessories

Be creative as you want to be! We offer a variety of food processor specialty blades, plates and accessories for all of your culinary needs.

A variety of cutting plates available for every need

Engineered with Hobart standards of durability and quality

Easily customize your Continuous Feed Food Processors

Creating great food takes time and the right tools. Fresh vegetables require special care; processing them consistently and with limited effort is critical.

We offer a wide selection of specialty plates and unique food processor blades to meet the needs of your demanding kitchen and deliver incredible results—every single time.


A Food Processor Blade for Every Need

Slice, dice, shred or cube to perfection.

From the finest, thinnest cut for your potato chips to the perfect fry, Hobart’s slicer plates can help you customize your Hobart food processor for your operation’s needs.

Quality and Durability Assured

Food processor blades that work as hard as you.

You can expect the same level of quality from your slicer plates as you would from your Hobart food processors. The same standard of excellence applies across all our products.


Up for the challenge

Stainless Steel Construction
Made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel

Model Comparison

Not sure which blade or plate to use to get the desired cut, grate, dice or slice? Check out our application guide!
Food Product Fine Cut Slicer Crimping Slicer Julienne Cutter Dicing Grid Soft Dicing Grater/Shredder Standard Slicer French Fries
Almond x
Apple x x x
Banana x
Beetroot x x x
Dry Bread x
Cabbage x x x
Carrots x x x x x x
Celery x
Champignon x
Cheese x
Chocolate x x
Cucumber x x x x x x
Leek x
Lemon x
Lettuce x
Lime x
Melon x x
Onion x x x x
Parmesan x
Pepper x x
Potatoes x x x x x x
Swede x x
Tomato x