Cooking & Baking

Savory or sweet, our water treatment units for your cooking and baking equipment keep the flavors you want and clean the rest away.

Improve taste and color of foods

Reduce sediment and chemical levels in water

Protect steam and combi ovens from chlorine and chloramine corrosion

With water filters, water softeners and reverse osmosis units working to eliminate scale, remove unpleasant flavors and prevent corrosion, your machines will run efficiently and in peak condition. Our water treatment systems are designed to function in a compact space, so your kitchen's flow is as clear as your water supply. With water treatment units in place, you can avoid untimely equipment downtime and keep your kitchen running at full speed.


Compact Water Softener

Hobart's WS-55 Series Compact Water Softener with the Hollow Carbon Filter System is the industry's only water treatment solution that provides soft water and is NSF-Certified to reduce harmful chloramines.

It features a unique design with specially activated carbon. Water remains in contact with the filter material longer, which removes the chloramines, chlorine, sediment, bad tastes and odors and other chemical byproducts. This compact system creates a virtually scale and corrosion free environment. Hobart's hollow carbon filter system (CB15K and CB30K) has been proven to be the most effective system for reducing chlorine and chloramine in water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Have extraordinary water for your baking and cooking needs. With reverse osmosis, your water quality is at its highest. Hobart reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 98% of contaminants that are found in water ensuring the very best cooking results.

Our HRO-150C and HRO-500C reverse osmosis systems significantly reduce scale and corrosion. We've specifically designed our systems so that they take up a small footprint in your kitchen; they can either stand alone or be wall-mounted.