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Friday, August 14, 2009 - 04:00

J.W. Desserts - Case Study


J.W. Desserts isn’t just a bakery; it’s a place where desserts are turned into an art form. Owner John Auburn, a self-taught baker, is known throughout the region for his delectable desserts and remarkable cake creations. From cheesecakes and tortes to flourless and sculpted cakes, Auburn serves approximately 300 to 500 customers per year from the Canadian border down to Tacoma, Wash.

“One of the greatest benefits is the rotisserie on these ovens. Everything cooks faster and evenly. There’s also plenty of space in the oven.”
JOHN AUBURN,owner, J.W. Desserts

“The oven is really easy to use and very versatile; for all of other companies that use this kitchen to be able to do what they need to do speaks to the oven’s versatility.”
JOHN AUBURN,the owner, J.W. Desserts


J.W. Desserts is an eminent bakery located on Whidbey Island in Washington State’s Puget Sound, just 25 miles north of Seattle. As the owner of the only commercial kitchen on the southern end of the island, Auburn leases space to four other tenants including a catering company, a fudge company, a caramel-making company and a nonprofit cookie company for the mentally ill. To ensure all types of food can be made in this kitchen, it’s important that Auburn’s kitchen equipment caters to a wide variety of cooking and baking needs.

He requires an oven that is versatile, efficient and durable.



  • Efficiently bake tortes, cheesecakes, flourless cakes as well as various types of special-order flavored cakes and desserts.
  • Ensure equipment is versatile enough to cater to the many types of people utilizing the kitchen.

Baxter Products Involved:

  • Baxter’s Mini Rotating Rack Oven is an ideal oven for cooking due to the even amount of heat dispersion throughout the food product, which allows for consistent cooking and baking. Its versatile design allows the rotating rack ovens to produce breads, pastries, cookies, meats, casseroles and much more.

Actions Taken:

  • Auburn obtained two Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Ovens.
  • Time saver: The oven’s rotating rack allows for quick and even baking, freeing up time for other preparations including sculpting.
  • Programmable controls: The temperature control ensures products are not overbaked and therefore saves food from being wasted. A significant amount of time and money is saved by not having to throw away overbaked or underbaked items.
  • Dependable: The oven is used constantly six days a week and has been utilized in this manner for eight years.
  • Versatile: The oven can be used to bake an array of food.

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