FreshServe™ Self-Service Scale

The Solution to Retail Self-Serve

Fully integrated scale, printer, and touchscreen

Largest label roll increases time between label changes - reducing scale downtime

Highly customizable search functionality

Hobart's FS Series self-service scale is an integrated solution for self-serve applications. It will automatically weigh, compute a price from stored PLUs and print a label, or print a barcode/QR code to the screen. It includes an engaging touchscreen, an integrated printer, and a removable bowl. Optional features include a barcode scanner, image recognition camera, and ValueMaxTM level compensation technology.

A unique solution for autonomous shopping in fresh and bulk-food departments 

With 3 sizes, the FreshServeTM scale is designed to accommodate a variety of store areas and applications.

       FS-100                FS-200            FS-300

  • FS-100 Scale - Tall - Conventional height self-service scale for placement throughout produce and bulk foods departments.

  • FS-200 Scale - ADA Height - Mid-sized configuration customized for accessibility, ensuring unobstructed access.

  • FS-300 Scale - Table Top - Smaller version designed for placement on an auxiliary stand or table in produce and bulk foods areas.


Flexible & Customizable

The FreshServe scale has been designed with the utmost flexibility and allows for unique customization.

The FreshServe Scale has been designed specifically for retail environments and is flexible to be used in multiple locations throughout the store. The FreshServe scale accepts die cut or linerless label stock and boasts the largest label roll capacity available. Like all Hobart scales, the FreshServe scale allows for customization of flash keys including categories, best sellers, and multiple search methods.You can search by image, description, or PLU.

Ease of Use & Convenience

Easy to use and maintain, shoppers will appreciate the simplicity, enhancing their shopping experience and saving time at check out.

Unique configurability including options for level compensation technology, a barcode scanner, and image recognition technology make the FreshServe scale a highly advanced self-service solution saving shoppers time and enriching the consumer experience. Pickers can quickly fulfill item requirements ensuring orders for pick-up and delivery are accurate and completed on time.


An Integrated Solution for Self-Serve Applications

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