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Tuesday, February 2, 2010 - 03:30

Lincoln Square Restaurant - Case Study

Customer Profile:

The Lincoln Square restaurant features home-style cooking, including meatloaf, burgers, prime rib, steaks, seafood, pizza and homemade soups, among other favorites. The restaurant, which opened in Troy, Ohio, in 1999, serves approximately 600 meals per day and caters to local patrons

“The quality of the AM Select ventless warewasher is incredible. It blows our old unit out of the water. Before using the Hobart, I thought a warewasher was a warewasher, and I really didn’t expect a big difference in performance. Hobart made a believer out of me.”
Hector Gonzalez, owner, Lincoln Square


The restaurant’s low-temp warewasher often left food particles on plates, resulting in kitchen staff re-washing dishes by hand or running them through the warewasher again. Staff also had to soak some of the restaurant’s white plates and cups in a bleach solution to regain the dishware’s bright appearance, as the low-temp machine could not get them clean enough.



  • Replace the low-temp warewasher with a high-temp warewasher to better clean ware.

Hobart Products Involved:

  • Hobart’s AM Select ventless warewasher is one of the most durable, reliable and efficient warewashers available. It is NSF Certified for heavily soiled pots and pans and ENERGY STAR® qualified for its energy-and water-saving advantages.
  • The warewasher’s exclusive rinse-arm design uses only .74 gallons of rinse water per rack, the lowest water consumption in the industry.
  • The AM Select ventless warewasher greatly reduces the amount of steam emitted into the air when the door is open, eliminating the need for a vent hood over the warewasher.

“Our old unit was not self-filling and staff had to fill it themselves. This was an inconsistent process, as some staff would overfill and others would underfill, which could affect performance. Manually filling the machine also extended the total cycle time. Since the Hobart self-fills, we no longer have these concerns.”
Hector Gonzalez

  • Saved $2,500 on equipment and installation costs: Since the AM Select ventless warewasher doesn’t require a vent hood or fan installation, Lincoln Square saved approximately $2,500 on equipment and installation costs.
  • Saved $100 a week in labor costs: Kitchen staff no longer has to scrub ware by hand or soak it in bleach to compensate for its warewasher’s poor performance. Hector Gonzalez, owner of Lincoln Square, estimates he saves $100 a week in labor costs as a result.
  • Saved $80 per month on chemical costs: Hector Gonzalez, owner of Lincoln Square, was spending $80 on sanitizer every month. Since the AM Select ventless warewasher is a high-temp machine and doesn’t require chemicals, he has recouped 100 percent of this cost.
  • Reduced energy use: The steam from the rinse cycle is captured and used to preheat incoming water to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing the amount of energy the heat exchanger uses to bring rinse water up to the required 180-degree Fahrenheit final rinse temperature.
  • Saved $300 a month in total operating expense: Gonzalez estimates he saves $300 total per month on chemicals, water and energy costs.

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