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Thursday, October 13, 2022 - 08:15

Hobart Introduces Latest in Fleet Management with New HTe Enterprise Scale Management Software

HTe Enterprise Improves Efficiency, Reduces Downtime and Increases Profitability.

TROY, Ohio (October 13, 2022) – Hobart announced today that it has introduced the newest edition of HTe Enterprise Asset Scale Management Software. HTe Enterprise is the latest in fleet management and offers several new and exciting features. Easy to use, Hobart’s HTe Enterprise improves efficiency, reduces downtime and increases profitability all from the convenience of a desktop PC.

This web-based tool is a software package for retailers to directly manage their scale fleets and lends itself to a multi-user experience in grocery environments.  In today’s grocery stores, scales are all connected devices and require firmware updates, configuration updates and updates to the item (PLU) information such as pricing and nutritional data.  The HTe Enterprise software package bridges the gap between customers’ PLU management systems and the Hobart HT scales. 

What makes this software unique in the industry is that the HTe connected scales will “heartbeat” (communicate) to the server and pull the latest, most updated data through a self-synchronizing feature.  Typically, fleet managers must schedule and push updates to scales – which is a manual process and requires scheduling around other planned events.  With the scale heartbeat, each scale syncs automatically saving time and increasing department efficiency.  Also, if a scale falls offline for any reason – as soon as it reconnects to the network, it will heartbeat to the server to be immediately updated to stay in compliance.

With each transaction, there is a live sync with the server allowing the scale to pull the latest PLU data instantaneously, reducing pricing errors and increasing profitability.  Changes in the PLU database are automatically updated at the scale for each transaction – the change is immediate! 

“This unique software tool is designed for our customers to more easily manage their scale fleets.  With the convenient dashboard and simple asset tree logic, department managers can quickly see where to concentrate their attention and ensure the entire fleet is running seamlessly.   The automated data pull eliminates granular management of updates and scales continuously update themselves,” said Hobart Product Line Manager of Weigh Wrap Sheila Campbell.  “Having scale status information on hand in real time helps to minimize errors, optimize the revenue stream and improve profitability for our customers.”

Designed and created in the United States, HTe Enterprise software provides an industry benchmark for accuracy and reliability with advanced features designed to keep operations running smoothly such as:

  • Heartbeat Monitoring – A constant “heartbeat” from the scale to the server keeps scale configurations uniform and up to date, reducing configuration errors and increasing operator efficiency.
  • Live Syncing – The scale pulls PLU data instantaneously from the server providing real-time price updates for each transaction to improve profitability.
  • Dashboard Diagnostics – A customized dashboard displays a snapshot of fleet status, saving time for fleet managers in identifying offline devices and reducing downtime. 
  • Department Profiles – Offers the functionality to set specific configuration parameters by department and assign a scale profile enabling select customization to increase efficiency across each department.
  • Asset Tree Visual Management – The Enterprise supports multiple layers of asset management hierarchy and graphically displays for easy viewing.
  • HTe User Role Management (Multi-User) – Grant permissions by user for more granular access and better control of assent management activities.
  • Timed Deploy of Firmware Updates – Timed deploy allows scheduling of updates outside of department hours for minimal disruption.
  • Graphical User Interface – Intuitive navigation with visual graphics make fleet management simple and easy.

To learn more about the new Hobart HTe Enterprise Scale Management Software, please visit Weigh Wrap Networking & Retail Software | Hobart (

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