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Thursday, June 4, 2020 - 00:00

Hobart Introduces Line Extension of CLeN Conveyor Dishwasher

Ventless Operation Can Save Operations Thousands of Dollars

TROY, Ohio (June 4, 2020) – Today Hobart introduced a new line extension for its CLeN Conveyor Dishwashers for operators who want the best rack conveyor performance in dish room environments that require ventless operation. 

Designed to eliminate direct venting, the CLeN Ventless Conveyor Dishwasher reduces installation costs by over $5,000 by removing the need for a vent hood and ducting in dish room construction. Using Hobart Ventless Energy Recovery technology™, the new Hobart ventless CLeN repurposes hot steam from within the unit to preheat incoming cold water for the final rinse, reducing energy and costs to heat the final rinse water.   Hobart’s Ventless Energy Recovery design also repurposes heat to the wash tank, further reducing energy costs while helping maintain wash tank temperatures at 160°F or higher to meet NSF sanitization standards.

“For medium- and high-volume kitchens, dish room performance is vital to the entire operation” said Hobart Product Manager Tim Peters.  “Our new CLeN Ventless dishwasher combines best-in-class wash performance with innovative ventless technologies to not only keep up with busy kitchens but also deliver much lower operating costs.”

The dishwasher’s highly efficient closed loop design uses 30 percent less energy* per rack versus competitive ventless dishwashers while also reducing total water usage* versus competitive due to its superior heat pump design. Compared to non-ventless rack conveyor dishwashers, the unit’s performance improvements can create savings of up to $1,200** in annual operating costs.

Perfect for new builds or kitchen retrofits, the CLeN ventless dishwasher eliminates steam and ducting from the dish room while saving operators thousands of dollars in energy costs over the life of the machine. To learn more about the new Hobart CLeN Ventless Conveyor Dishwasher, please visit

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At Hobart, an ITW Food Equipment Group brand, it is our mission to provide premium commercial dishwashers that foodservice and food retail professionals can trust to work hard and deliver quality, consistent results day in and day out, empowering them to focus on what they love most – creating great food for great people.  Achieve a better clean for less – less time, energy and cost.  From sparkling glasses to freshly washed dishware and totes, Hobart commercial dishwashers deliver a level of clean that staff and customers will appreciate.  Backed by our nationwide network of 1,500 factory-trained service technicians, we’re always nearby to install, maintain and service your equipment.  Hobart is part of the ITW Food Equipment Group LLC (a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works) and is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year since 2008. Explore Hobart by visiting, connecting with us on Facebook at or by contacting your local Hobart representative at 888-4HOBART.


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*Projected savings based upon ENERGY STAR® test data per rack versus competitive ventless machines.
**Projected annual savings from Ventless on CLeN44 vs. Base running 550 racks/day with electric heat.