Legacy+® Commercial Floor Mixers

The heavy-duty floor mixers that give you the power to be amazing in the kitchen.


Maximum Capacity Overheat Protection

Reinforced Planetary Shaft System


Quick-Release™ Agitators

Triple Interlock System with MagnaLock Technology


The Legacy+® maximum heavy-duty floor mixers give you more so you can DO more. We have the right-sized mixer for the job. The Legacy+ floor mixers come in several sizes including 30-quart, 40-quart, 60-quart, 80-quart and 140-quart models. These maximum heavy-duty mixers are fit for a variety of applications, including egg whites, heavy bread dough, whipped cream, cookie dough and more. The new Legacy+ commercial floor mixers are equipped with the PLUS System, a powerful combination of three industry-leading technologies that give you more. The PLUS System includes the VFDadvantage, maximum capacity overheat protection and reinforced planetary shaft. Our larger mixers, the 80-quart mixer and 140-quart mixer, are also equipped with FastStop, which stops all moving parts on the mixer in less than three seconds. Learn more about these features below.

Not sure what size mixer you need? Our absorption ratio and capacity calculator recommends the right mixer based on your recipe!


Exceptional Performance

The Legacy+ mixer's heavy-duty performance is driven by the exclusive PLUS System.

The PLUS System is made up of three features. These features are the VFDadvantage variable frequency drive, maximum capacity overheat protection and the reinforced planetary shaft system. The PLUS System not only makes it possible for features like the soft start and Shift-on-the-Fly™, but it also allows the mixer to get as much as 30% more mixing capacity.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleaning and sanitation is easier with the Legacy+ floor mixers.

With features like the easy-to-remove, dishwasher-safe bowl guard, it is easy to clean in between loads and after a day's work. Additionally, our soft-start features prevent ingredients from splashing out of the bowl.

Ease of Use Designed

With exclusive features like the swing-out bowl with single-point installation, Hobart’s Legacy+ floor mixers are easy to use.

We understand the benefit of having easy-to-use equipment which is why we offer several easy-to-use features on the Legacy+ floor mixers. The swing-out bowl with single-point installation makes it easy to add ingredients and unload finished products. The Quick-Release™ agitators are quick and easy to remove and also provide superior mixing performance. Finally, the electronic bowl lift on our 60-quart, 80-quart and 140-quart mixers smoothly moves the bowl into the mixing position making it easier on the operator.

Operator Assurance

We have features like the FastStop and Triple Interlock System with MagnaLock technology to help operators feel more comfortable when using equipment.

The Triple Interlock System with MagnaLock technology prevents the mixer from operating unless the bowl is fully up and locked in place and the bowl guard is secured. The FastStop feature is available on our 80 and 140-quart. FastStop brings all moving parts to a complete stop in less than 3 seconds. Both of these features help operators feel more comfortable when using equipment.


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